How To Root Nokia X, XL and X+ Android Phones Easily

how to root nokia x, xl and x+ android phones

Some few months back, i announced the release of Nokia X series android phones which includes the Nokia X, X+ and XL. I even gave a review of the Nokia X+ android phone specification and price which you can find here. For those currently using the Nokia X android phones, where you able to find Google Play store app in your device? I presume No! … [Continue reading]

Full List of SWIFT Codes of ALL Banks in Nigeria

SWIFT codes of all banks in Nigeria

Recently, i talked you on how to set up your Google Adsense account to receive payment via wire transfer. You can find the full tutorial HERE. While on the post, i promised i was gonna share the swift codes of all banks in Nigeria as this is required when filling up your adsense payment information in other to receive your payment into your foreign … [Continue reading]

List of Infinix Android Phones, Their Prices and Specs in Nigeria

When it comes to cheap and relatively sophisticated android phones in Nigeria, Tecno android phones isn't just the only android smartphones In Nigeria with relatively cheap prices. Infinix still rocks. Infinix is another mobile producing company which obviously seem to be making waves in Nigeria. They have produced a wide range of android … [Continue reading]

Now You Can Easily Change Your 2go Phone Number Online

now you can edit or change 2go phone number online used in creating an accoun

Goodnews to all 2go users as you can now change or edit your 2go phone number used for registration. Like seriously, i don't have an idea to when this change was made on the official 2go website but the good news is that, Yes changing 2go phone number used in registration now works. Initially, i had discussed on the issue of editing 2go phone … [Continue reading]

What Is Hosted Google AdSense Account And What Is Hosted WordPress Blog?

what is hosted google adsense account

Yesterday, while having a conversation with a client, he asked me a question saying 'Is there any advantage in a blog been hosted and is mine hosted? I hear bloggers talk about host and all that but I don't know what they are saying. Please is mine hosted?' I replied thus: '*Smiles, hosted Google AdSense account or hosted blog?' and he answered … [Continue reading]

How To Minimize / Reduce Data Consumption On Android Phones And Tablets

minimum or reduce data consumption on android phone and tablets

Hello Brother, how can one reduce d rate of data consumer on android phone? That was the question a friend on Facebook asked me while i was playing around the social network. Initially, i told him Disable auto-updating of apps, also close apps u aren't using, but it seemed more like he wasn't satisfied. Oh well, he obviously didn't know his way … [Continue reading]

Google Adsense To Start Paying Nigerian Publishers Via Wire Transfer

google adsense to start paying Nigerian Publishers Via Wire Transfer

During the early hours of today, I got a message from Google AdSense which was specifically talking about an upgrade to my payment method and other adjustments been made in regards to my account . It was said to be an upgrade and am pretty sure this is gonna make a lot of sense. According to the mail received, I or Nigerians in general who are … [Continue reading]

How Do I Download 2go On My Phone?

now you can edit or change 2go phone number online used in creating an accoun

Despite how many times I had written on how to join 2go, how to download the 2go app and lots more, I still find people asking this simple question, 'How Do I Download 2go On My Phone?' Having this question in mind, I'd like to give a possible solution for all phone Operating System  ranging from Java to iOS. 2go messenger app works on … [Continue reading]