Classifieds: What, How, Why?

jiji online classified site

Classifieds is a kind of advertising, which brings together numerous adverts of items belonging to different categories gathering them in one place. Regardless of where you find classifieds, it is a place offering everything at once. Just remember … [Continue reading]

How To Watch Youtube Videos Using VLC

Watch YouTube And DailyMotion Videos With VLC  VLC Media Player Have the Capability to Play Videos with all most all Video Formats , Probably this is the One reason Why VLC media player is the most Preferred Media player,  But Do you know that We … [Continue reading]

Before you Buy That Apple Product, Here’s How to check ‘Activation Lock’ status


With the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on the market, buyers of used iPhones check online whether it’s been fully released by the seller. Apple has published a page on where buyers of second-hand iPhones, iPads and iPods can check the … [Continue reading]

How To Disable Ads In uTorrent and Bit Torrent Clients


uTorrent is by far one of the best and most popular bittorrent clients. What makes it even better is its availability across platforms i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices like Android and iPhone. Well, we are not going to talk about its … [Continue reading]

How to Share Simple Server or Portable Proxy Connection to Other Devices Using Hotspot


So many of us has benefited from this BIS ‘ish’ for a while now. I myself have been using it since October last year. But many have tried to torrent with it; some have even tried to share it between their various devices using Connectify or mHotspot … [Continue reading]

How To Check 2015 JAMB / UTME Results Online

Check 2015 Jamb utme results online

It's another season for the yearly jamb / UTME exams and this time, it's strictly CBT. Although this isn't tech related neither is it something we'd discuss here on regular, i just thought it wise to help those who don't know how to check their 2015 … [Continue reading]

How Technology Saves Our Lives

With technology there is an advancing and its diversity extremely changing the lifestyle of people. This advance in technology is greatly improving the lives of so many people. Have you ever imagined what the world would have been without things like … [Continue reading]

Internet TV Vs Cable TV

cable vs internet

One communication medium that is widely used for transmitting sounds and images is the TV. The word TV as we all know it is a short for television and is sometimes used to refer to a device through which these sounds and images are transmitted. At … [Continue reading]

Apple Awarded Patent for Hybrid VR Headset

apple patent2

Apple has now been awarded a patent for their virtual reality headset that can use an Ipod or iPhone as a display. Reports have it that the US patent and Trademark Office awards this company with patent number 8,957,835 for a "head-mounted display … [Continue reading]

Microsoft Joins With Mozilla in Bid for Fast Web Apps


Ten years ago, this partnership would have considered unthinkable. However, over the years and then with Mozilla's asm.js technology existence, they have been able to introduce lots of performance-critical software like graphically intense games to … [Continue reading]