jiji online classified site

Classifieds: What, How, Why?

Classifieds is a kind of advertising, which brings together numerous adverts of items belonging to different categories gathering them in one place. Regardless of where you find classifieds, it is a place offering everything at once. Just remember those newspapers consisting completely of adverts, which were popular just several years ago. Today, classifieds have changed their sphere of functioning and moved to the web space. So now there exist special websites formed solely with classifieds. If you want to check what advantages they provide, open Jiji.ng – it is the best one.

jiji online classified site

Using Jiji is really easy. All you need is to register or sign in and post an ad or start searching for what you need. Feel yourself comfortable, like you are at an ordinary market. Classifieds really remind a market in its digital version. There are a lot of people selling things to other people. There are departments in form of categories and market stalls in form of pages. Those differences are not very significant, unlike pricing. Newspapers require commissions for every printed line, and sellers have to pay rent for a stall – that is how it used to work. However, classifieds allow posting adverts for free, and people from all over the country don’t miss such lucky chance.

logging into jiji.ng

Okay, after you register at the website, open a category you are interested in and form a perfect list of offers. For this you need to click on several tags and apply several filters. Then open several adverts, compare them, choose what you like the most and contact a seller. That is how Jiji works and how you use it.

how to use jiji.ng online classified website

And speaking about why Jiji is the best choice, everything is obvious. It is the best service in the country. It is classifieds No.1 with 5 new adverts every minute, 520,000 active offers and 10 million monthly visitors. Jiji is convenient, cheap, stylish, and caring. It is your next favorite shopping spot.

Check 2015 Jamb utme results online

How To Check 2017 JAMB / UTME Results Online

It’s another season for the yearly jamb / UTME exams and this time, it’s strictly CBT. Although this isn’t tech related neither is it something we’d discuss here on regular, i just thought it wise to help those who don’t know how to check their 2015 JAMB result and I sincerely apologize for deviating from the main subject of this blog.

Check 2015  Jamb utme results online

Earlier today, a woman called me and stated that her daughter’s result isn’t yet released. If you are facing same issue, please relax, your 2015 JAMB result will be released.

Check 2015 JAMB / UTME Results Online

As earlier stated, 2015 JAMB exams are strictly CBT based. That is computer based. In most cases, the results are released soon after the exams has been taken.

If you took part in the 2015 JAMB exams and wondering how to check your exams, this post should come in handy.


Using a computer preferably, visit http://www.jamb.org.ng/Unifiedtme2/, at the left side of the page, Just below check your result, Enter your 2015 JAMB registration number and click on Check Result.

If your result is released, it should be displayed to you with an option for you to print it.

How We Can Help?

If you are having issues with checking your 2015 UTME / JAMB results, post your registration number using the comment form and we will reply you with your score ASAP.

How Technology Saves Our Lives

With technology there is an advancing and its diversity extremely changing the lifestyle of people. This advance in technology is greatly improving the lives of so many people. Have you ever imagined what the world would have been without things like computers, television, cars, trains, fridges, and indeed almost everything we make use of whether in our homes or offices making life pleasurable and easy. Without technology, these would not have been possible. Technology makes lifestyles simpler in many ways, and it has various advantageous upshots to the human condition.

As we all know that, the massive headway we have in technology today is responsible for the great innovation and advancement in sectors like agriculture, industry, warfare and nation’s safety, transport, information, medicine, communication, etc. One sector that has greatly been improved by recent technological advancement is the media. We have the radio, television, internet, phone, desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smart phones, and lots of other devices available that can fit into your palm.

Another noteworthy aspect of our daily lives that is greatly enhanced due to improved technological development is the medicine sector. Technology has introduced the up-to-the-minute tools to improve health care delivery and patient care. Believe it or not, technology has always affected people’s lifestyle in the world since the beginning of the human race and will continue.

Internet TV Vs Cable TV

cable vs internet

One communication medium that is widely used for transmitting sounds and images is the TV. The word TV as we all know it is a short for television and is sometimes used to refer to a device through which these sounds and images are transmitted. At some other times, it is used to refer to a program or transmission.

Cable TV

The cable TV on one hand is a broadcasting system of television in which the transmission is only made to those who are subscribed to it – this is done by paying a particular service fee. This transmission involved the use of coaxial cable distribution lines which must be available on the utility poles or lines. These cables now bring in the TV signals into buildings where they are needed.

Internet TV

The internet TV on the other hand also known as online TV involves transmission over the internet. This is to say that we can watch our usual TV programs and other video content via internet. This is basically made possible by video streaming technology. This techno logy has over the years gained popularity as a result of the invention of other similar devices and smart phones. With this recent technology you don’t even have to depend on cable service to watch your favorite shows. Sometimes it even goes further to give you additional information about the movies which normally won’t be available except online.

An advantage the internet TV has over the cable TV is having lots of stations available; some of which are not be available on the cable TV. Recently there is over 5000 television stations online around the world being watched. All you require is your laptop/ PC or even just a smart phone. Thanks to the internet technology we can now keep up with your TV programs and shows without having to pay any fees monthly.

This TV channels include News TV, Music TV, Sport TV, Cartoons TV, Entertainment TV Movies TV, Games TV, Funny TV, Celebrities TV, Fashion TV, Education TV, and the list just goes on. There is no doubt that is more over the internet than can be found on the cable. So many websites are now offering programs produced independently for specific interests of people.

Apple Awarded Patent for Hybrid VR Headset

Apple has now been awarded a patent for theirapple patent virtual reality headset that can use an Ipod or iPhone as a display. Reports have it that the US patent and Trademark Office awards this company with patent number 8,957,835 for a “head-mounted display apparatus for retaining a portable electronic device with display.”

In describing the patent, Apple this head-mounted display system is to enable users the ability to couple and decouple portable electronic devices with a head-mounted device in order for the two devices to now act as one unit. This head-mounted device and portable like an Iphone can be made to communicate with one another. And according to the patent, each of the device’s features and services can also be extended in order to increase, enhance and eliminate possible redundant functions between both devices.

While there are other similar hybrid VR headset, one of the advantage this has over them all is its mobility as observed by an analyst in the digital consumer practice, Eric Smith. He says that “It gets rid of the bulky game console or PC that one-piece headsets have to hook up to.”

Microsoft Joins With Mozilla in Bid for Fast Web Apps


Ten years ago, this partnership would have considered unthinkable. However, over the years and then with Mozilla’s asm.js technology existence, they have been able to introduce lots of performance-critical software like graphically intense games to the web. As a result Microsoft has now strongly endorsed the Mozilla’ technology. This technology was born out of the need to attract lots of software to the web. The asm.js technology is intended to facilitate and accelerate various types of software on the web, such as has a character that explores a 3D environment.

For Microsoft, their priority has been to encourage several programmers in writing as much softwares as they can for Windows. But just recently – on Wednesday to be precise, announcement was made on its intention to now build asm.js into Chakara, being a core of its component in internet explorer and Spartan browsers for Windows 10.

Chakara is the engine that Microsoft uses for running its programs written in JavaScript which is the programming language of the web.

“Asm.js is a clear step towards enabling near-native performance for the Web platform, which is why we’re excited to bring it to Chakra in an upcoming release,” This is according to Guarav Seth, the principal manager of and Ed Maurer, principal group software engineering manager of the Microsoft’s Chakra team.

This move is to reflect two vital changes at the company. First, it’s to lure in more web developers; becoming more serious about supporting Web technologies and standards to better compete with the likes of Firefox, Chrome and Safari. And then secondly- according to Chief Executive Satya Nadella, to embrace technologies notwithstanding the possibility of them undermining the power of its Windows business.

In line with supporting the asm.js technology, Microsoft has also introduced a version of its Office software for Apple’s iOS operating system (like the opening up of Office document storage to rival cloud storage providers like Box. Since 1990s, Microsoft has been dominating the browser world with its internet explorer, but as over the years lost it to Firefox and they intend to take it back-hence this recent move.

Mozilla is highly pleased with this move of Microsoft’s. And according to Mozilla asm.js developer, Luke Wagner, “We at Mozilla are very excited for IE to join Firefox in providing predictable, top-tier performance on asm.js code and from my discussions with the Chakra team, I expect this will be the case.”

Facebook Developing Virtual Reality App – Revealed

facebook VR

According to Facebook’s head of product (Chief of Product Services), Chris Cox at Recode’s Code Media Conference in Dana Point, Facebook’s VR app (Virtual Reality App) is coming out soon. However, he did not get to describe in detail, all he said was that they are working on the app for VR”. This leaves us with imagination of how the world will be, where with the help of an app users can be able to share their current environment with others.

It is just less than a year after closing its Oculus VR (Virtual Reality) acquisition and then reveals its vision to develop versions of app to be used in VR environment. According to this social networking giant, when he purchased oculus, he saw an opportunity more than just videos but to communications and the rest – like building versions of his apps on virtual reality. 

Cox says, “You realize, when you’re in it, that you’re looking at the future, and it’s going to be awesome. When you’re in Facebook, you’re just sending around these bits of experience — a photo, a video, a thought,” while with Virtual Reality App, you could be “sending a fuller picture.”

“Imagine being able to share not just moments with your friends online, but entire adventures and experiences,” this were the words of Mark Zuckerberg when Facebook bought Oculus.

LG’s Latest of Smart Watch Announced – LG Watch Urbane

LG watch

The latest LG smart watch comes with a fancy feel and look, nevertheless still retains and runs Android wear. This electronics company has unveiled a new brand of LG Watch Urbane. This watch operates on the android wear software, having a 1.3-inch D display. What makes this brand really is its looks. This device is a unisex one.

This product also carries the feel of your regular sports watch. It takes that same vivid, fully-round P-OLED display and sticked in a polished gold or silver-finished steel body. It also consist of a stitched leather strap, capable of being swapped out for standard 22mm watch bands.

The LG Watch Urbane’s features seem quite similar to previous versions:

  • 3-inch 320×320 OLED display at 245 pixels per inch
  • 2 GHz Snapdragon 400 processor.
  • Heart rate monitor for workouts plus a barometer for elevation.
  • Android Wear-standard 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM.
  • A 410 mAh battery.
  • It’s IP67 dust and water resistant, (but isn’t meant for showering or swimming.)

One thing that is clear is that this LG’s new polish is timed to go against the forthcoming Apple Watch. This is probably the beginning of what can be called a new wave – who knows what’d next – just maybe it’s smart pocket watches.

Chinese Version Of Google YouTube Channel for Developers Launched


Google, in line with its objecives of opening up its android platform has just launched Chinese-language YouTube channel (Google Youtube Channel) for chinese speaking countries. China is one country that in recent times made it difficult for sites operated in the US (sites like Google, Facebook, twittwer, Youtube etc) access from within its borders as a result of its Great Firewall intrne filter. The only time the access is possible is with the use of a virtual private network and other circumvention methods.

This has left Google doubtlessly missing out on revenue as a result of this limitation. Since this channel is on YouTube, it will mean that it gets disrupted by the censorship system of China. But with the world being a global village, developers that are based in the country can be able to use it in distributing and selling apps to the millions of Android devices in the rest of the world. For viewer to access it they will need a stable VPN.

This U.S. firm has taken a huge step in introducing an Android platform where chinese developers can get to make money. This move is primarily aimed at making it a lot easier for China developers in China to learn more about Google and its services and technology around the web, the cloud and mobile. This new channel will go a long way helping to increase access to resources and information.

This is one useful resource – google youtube channel is necessary for developers, as it covers a range of topics related to Android, Android Wear and other apps, general developments and information, and talking points from events like the Google Developer and also Conference. The English-language version of the Developer Channel has over 650,000 subscribers and millions of views while this newly launched channelled within th short space of time has been able to claim over 45 subscribers.

The New Blackberry Classic (Q20) Review

classic blackberry

Just after having the unique Blackberry Passport, the Blackberry company has followed it up with the “Blackberry Classic” which is popularly known as Blackberry Q20. This is yet another premium Smart phone that operates on blackberry 10.3.1 OS. Released in December and is available on the Nigerian market. This classic smart phone is considered a smart choice for lovers of blackberry this year as we still await something better.

It Design and Specifications

This classic has often times been misunderstood for blackberry bold, however it aims on succeeding where the bold was unable to. As suggested by the name, this phone’s design boast of being classic. The Blackberry Classic weighs about 177grams, however it still remains very portable. It comes in just two colors – black and white. It comes with a 3.5 inch touch display and a four row QWERTY attractively designed keyboard sure captivate and please its fans.

Its design revolves around a metal of silver frame with its edges curved. It carries a camera at the front top-right (a 2-mega pixel camera) and another camera with LED-light at the back top-left with an inscription of “classic” at its middle behind. Its battery feature is a whole lot more impressive (a non- removable Li-Ion 2515mAh battery) and is expected that it lasts as long as 365 hours on 3G standby, on talk time it lasts about 17 hours, and 70 hours when its on music play.

It supports an SD card as large as 128GB and a storage space of 16GB and its SIM slot is to be found at its left side. Its call quality is so great; one could hear clearly when making calls. At its base is located its loudspeaker (two suitably loud ones). However, its audio quality is considered a bit too thin and may not be suitable for listening to music except with the use of a headphone.

Blackberry Classic – Hardware And Software

Blackberry classic includes features like a 3.5 inch 720p capacitive touchscreen with 294ppi pixel density and protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. It is powered by a dual-core 1.5GHz krait processor, 16GB built-in memory, a 2GB of RAM size, and an extension capacity of up to 128GB via SD card.

Blackberry is still known to be at the top when it comes to its productivity game. It’s got it all, meeting up with your needs. It is now available on the Nigerian mobile market and depending on where you purchase them, price range from 110,000 to 150,000.