Picture Of A Funny Facebook Private Inbox Message Sent To A Girl On Facebook

I think sometimes last week or so, i was tolling with a friend’s phone and i came across a very funny facebook message that a guy sent to a girl through inbox on Facebook. How my friend got it i cannot tell but you would agree with me that information fly at a very fast speed in the now world.

While reading the funny inbox message, i couldn’t control myself i just had to laugh out loud.

Here’s is the picture of the message:

Funny facebook private message

Hope you could read the picture message well? Isnt it funny?

I uploaded this funny picture on facebook and the comments by my friends really made me laugh even more.

Ok, lets get your comment on this funny message, please post your comments and you can also share this picture information with your friends using the below share options but first please POST A COMMENT, we would sure love to hear from you.

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  1. jennifer says:

    Very funny i must say.

  2. Hilarious,I must say…lol

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