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Alright! At some point in time i just have to introduce this inspiring forum to you my esteemed readers. Gurusconnect is a new forum which i believe is nearly a month now.

Gurusconnect is an online forum with loads of categories/boards that suits into your every need.

gurus connect

You might check in to some of the boards/category to realize its still empty but that is because the forum is still starting out perhaps you can always be the first to post a new topic after all great things starts small you know ;).

If you had been with this blog( right from the days when it was using a free domain hosted on blogger, you might remember i used to post stuffs on free browsing back then but when last did you see an update on free browsing here? Ok, i now update those stuffs whenever there is a confirmed working one on gurusconnect.

As the name implies, gurusconnect is a place for the gurus in different fields whereby they could come to meet and connect with other gurus to help those in need of other stuffs relating to internet.

I believe you are very good in something best known to you and that obviously makes you a gurus in that field so why not join gurusconnect to get recognized?

Yep the forum is quite new but like the saying goes, ‘great things start small’, you and i can make it bigger.


1. You can start by telling your friends, loved ones and even your enemies about gurusconnect and asking them to join and contribute to the forum.

2. You can share posts on the forum to your facebook profile using the ‘share on facebook’ option on every posts on the forum.

3. You can write a review about the forum in your blog or website if you have one.

4. You can even use the forum link as your website link whenever you want to drop a comment on websites requesting that you type in your website address as the forum is made for everyone and not just one person.

How To Join GurusConnect?

Simple! Just visit and click on register afterwards you feel in your correct details and don’t forget to do something to contribute the forum positively.

Got Suggestions?

Couldn’t find your category/board there and wish that it be added? Or you got ideas to contribute, there is a board on the forum where you can drop your suggestions and complains as this also helps improve the forum or you can also tell us about it here using the comment box and amends will be made.


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    Excellent article. Keep writing such kind of info on your blog.

    Im really impressed by your blog.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about gurus connect.


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