Do You Need To Download An AntiVirus Software For BlackBerry Smart Phone?


Do you use a BlackBerry Smart Phone and you have this feeling that your phone is not totally secured as you seem not to have any antivirus software or application installed?secure blackberry

Looking at the rate at which Blackberry Phones get internal faults recently even without the user misusing it, one can’t help or wonder ‘Do i Need To Download An AntiVirus Application For My BlackBerry Phone?’

A friend recently shared a problem he had with his Blackberry Bold One with me and according to him, he drained the bb battery totally and the next time he charged the phone to use, he realised the phone had gone faulty. Now tell me, does draining a bb battery spoils the phone? Obviously not, too many times i have drained my blackberry curve phone yet i have no issues with it.

Now back to the question of whether or not you need an antivirus software installed on your BlackBerry Smart Phone.

Personally, i do not use an antivirus software on my BlackBerry Curve Smart Phone and i have not had any major issues with it since i purchased the phone more so, i do not intend installing one now because i feel there is already a pre-stalled anti-virus application on blackberry phones and that’s why there is always a security check up anytime you turn your phone on after you removed and fix back your bb battery.

Best 3 Free BlackBerry Anti-virus Software/Applications For BB Smart Phones

Although i stated earlier that i do not use any antivirus app on my phone but like the popular saying goes ‘Prevention is better than cure‘, if you are the type that conduct lots of download on your phone then securing your bb against virus attack files is highly recommended.

According to the BlackBerry App World, listed Below are the best 3 Free Anti virus apps:

1. NetQin AntiVirus
2. McAfee Mobile Security and
3. Junos Pulse

You can download any of these antivirus app for free via the blackberry app world on your smart phone.

  1. oladepo ebenezer says

    But netquin ant virus cloud scanning is not working on my b3

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      b3? What kinda blackberry do you use?

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