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There are obviously different reason why people surf the internet, you agree? Some surf the internet for fun and chats, some for meeting people online, while some for the purpose of making money online and guess what, i used to surf online basically for meeting news friends but that was before i actually knew how to earn money online via blogging.

What Is Blogging And How do One Make Money From Blogging?

Alright, blogging is a mini website where you share whatever you like and there are different ways to making money from your blog but the easiest is through placing adverts on your blog via an advertising network like Adsense, addynamo, adbrite and more.

An Example Of A Blogmake money online blogging

Ok, i understand that i wasn’t quite explanatory on defining blogging but really that’s the best explanation i could give as at now, but maybe this could help, which is the blog you are currently viewing now is a blog and it might interest you to know that i make money from this blog although that’s known to some of my blog fans but most people do not know.

How Much Can One Possibly Make From Blogging?

How much you can make from blogging solely depends on you, that is, your hardwork is what determines the result.

Oooooo please let me clear something here, Making Money Via Blogging isn’t a Get Rich Quick Scheme that most people are looking for and just a reminder, Get Rich Quick Schemes don’t exist online unless you want to end up been scammed.  So if you are seeing Blogging as such, its best you rethink friend.

Just like your offline jobs, you need to work to earn, right? Well same applies to blogging.

Although most people tend to blog for years and still i hear them saying they made nothing, personally mine is different.

I don’t want to state my personal earnings on monthly basic just  yet but maybe soon i will be doing that but the reason for this is because i have a target in terms of monthly earnings but i know of people who makes over N50k monthly, some N100k and some make millions monthly, ask those big bloggers how much they make on monthly basics and you will realize the truth in what am saying.

Please do not get me wrong as i am not stating all these just to entice you to get interested in blogging, trust me its your own decision to make and am not charging you a penny to get involved in blogging unless you will be needing my services but if you know your way round then trust me, you need not pay me a single dime, all you need do is holla at me for guidelines and you can be sure that i will be more than happy to help.

How Do I Learn Blogging?

Like i earlier stated, am not going to charge you a single dime to learn blogging and as a matter of fact, am teaching blogging for Absolutely Free! Yeah, you heard me right, Free!

Need Help? Am Free 🙂

Would you want me to help you create a professional blog just for you(Not Free)? Or would you want to hire me for personal blogging lectures other than my lessons on Free)? Or you just need more information on this(Free), then you can contact me via my contact page here or better still you can reach me via my personal phone number +2348135531146.

Cheers and meet me at the top and less i forget, comments are welcomed.

  1. Duda taiwo says

    Tanks 4 dis.Nice post.pls sum1 mail me from US and asked for a text ads or banner ads on my pr2 much do i charge starting wit 125*125 banner or text ads.pls am new 2 dis

    1. trueinternetworld says

      well, that totally depends on what you think about links on your blog

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