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Like the VConnect Business Slogan Goes ‘Largest Local Search Engine & Information Service Provider In Nigeria‘ and looking at their banner description stating ‘Information Whenever, Wherever!‘, that was same description i used to use for this blog when i first started out using the custom domain and it was a description i bore out of my initiative so i sincerely wonder why Vconnect would copy that without contacting me about that. Well, i just hope they do that sooner or later 🙂 tho i have changed the description of my blog to something different.Vconnect

Now, let’s head over to taking a review about VConnect and Their GloBal Services.

VConnect no doubt is an amazing website that i have tried out tho i was just playing with the website the last time i checked in there as there are lots of things you can do there if you know understand it :).

Do You Own A Business?

Vconnect is a website where you could create more awareness for your business by creating a business profile for absolutely free.

Website Development:
Vconnect are also into website designing and development services.

SMS Services:
Vconnect also offers bulk sms service which could be used in contacting your target audience and as you know sms marketing is one of the cheapest advertising channel to reach customers although this same technique could result to spamming if not done properly.

Most times i have received sms from friends using the Vconnect SMS service and in my subsequent post i might be posting a tutorial on How to send sms on Vconnect for Free.

More so, you can write reviews on websites, movies or events on the vconnect website.

Are you searching for a business? You can also get it on vconnect.

Note: Most of their services requires you been logged into the site while some don’t, so in other to enjoy all free benefits, you need to register an account using your right details.

What else do you think about Vconnect?

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