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You would recall that sometimes last week, i wrote a post talking basically on the blogger/blogspot domain switching function been disabled on the blogger platform due to maintenance been carried out by the blogger team. More so, i added that i will be posting an update here when this problem has been rectified.

blogger custom  domainBlogger had restored the custom domain switching function to blogspot blogs thereby making it possible for you to redirect your free blogspot domain to your custom domain but this was fixed with an advanced work required from your part as blogger now requires authentication before making it possible to switch to your custom domain.

Before the recent update, it was a little less of much stress to configure your domain to work with blogger as all you needed to do was to configure your custom domain to google dns and thereafter, configuring your blogger(Blogspot) via its publishing settings to point to your configured custom domain but after the update, blogger needs to confirm that you actually own the domain thereby giving you an anthetication code to include in your domain configuration(DNS) settings before you can finally redirect your free blogspot domain to that of blogger.

What’s The Reason For This?

To the best of my understanding, i think the reason for this was basically for security purpose because following the earlier steps, it was easy to use another person’s domain when its pointing to google’s DNS because there wasn’t any need for proof of ownership of the domain but following the recent update, it will be impossible to use my domain without you having access to my blogger blog dashboard. Do you dig?

How Can I Help?

redirect blogspot domain to custom domainAre you having problems with configuring your blogspot(Blogger) free domain to redirect to your custom domain or you are just not getting something right in making the custom domain redirection work with youur blogger blog? Well, am gonna help you here but of course for a little token which should pay for my time after all you know ‘Time is Money’ 🙂

What’s My Proof?

If you had been to and are conversant with the blogging platforms then you might have realized that naijanewsjournal was on the WordPress platform, but if you visit it now then you will realize its now been moved to blogger platform. Well, i actually moved it to blogger 4 days ago for some reasons.

Take a look at, it should automatically redirect you to without displaying any Google error including its contents that was on the WordPress platform, isn’t that enough proof to letting you know that i can do this for you?

Interested? Here’s What You Do Next?

Please note that, if you already bought your custom domain and only need me to help you with the configuration to work with your blogger free domain blog, its not gonna cost you anything close to much unlike when you need me to help you buy a domain and do the configuration also.

Ok, For the benefit of those who are curious to know how much am willing to charge, here is it:

Custom Domain configuration alone = N1000($6)

Buying A Custom Domain and Configuration = N3000($17)

Payments can be made via Liberty Reserve And Bank Deposits.

My Account Details:

Name: Adeniyi Samuel
Acc. No: 2345075281590
Bank: GTBank


Name: Adeniyi Samuel Ayobami
Acc. No: 0014513273
Bank: Access Bank.

Interested? You can leave me a message via my contact page here or call me directly on +2348058103219, +2348135531146.


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