Blogspot Blog: Maintenance In Progress – Domain Switching Disabled, Solution


A friend of mine who happens to be the owner of cynamix blog, recently talked me to the issue he was having with his new blogspot / blogger blog while trying to change / switch his domain to his custom .com domain.

He said he tried switching to his custom domain via his blogger dashboard only to come across an error stating ‘Maintenance in Progress – Domain Switching Disabled‘.blogger/blogspot domain

In other to confirm this, i visited my blogger blog dashboard and went to the Settings tab and to where i did my domain switching function and realized same error.

Now, What Does This Means?

This simply means that the blogger blog team is currently carrying out some maintenance in regards to this function and this is expected to be fixed very soon.

This problem has been ongoing for over a week now and nobody has an idea of how long this will take before it can be fixed.

What’s The Solution?

As it is right now, if you still sticking to using blogger as your blogging platform, there is obviously nothing you can do to this regards other than just keep checking for update from the blogger team in regards to this domain switching issue.

More so, an update will be posted here on this blog immediately the problem has been fixed.

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