Samsung Galaxy S3 Mobile Smart Phone Has Got A China Produce Of It?


Yes, it might sound shocking but its the truth, there is actually a china produce of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mobile Smart Phone which looks exactly like the real samsung galaxy phone in terms of outward appearance and unless you are the type that understand mobile phones, you might not be able to tell the different between the original and the china produce.

How Did I Get To Know About This?

samsung galexy s3 phoneOkay, first and foremost, am not trying to be proud here of been a mobile geek or anything related to that but i certainly love and enjoy sharing a bit of my knowledge and i can categorically tell between an original make of a phone and a china product.

Sincerely, i was amazed when i saw a china produce of the samsung galaxy phone and am sure the person that bought it didn’t know earlier about this un till i told him because he was shocked when i made him understand that the phone he was holding wasn’t the original Samsung Galaxy S3 phone but rather the china produce which of course doesn’t come with the right features.

How Do I Know The Difference Between The Samsung Galaxy S3 Original and The China Produce?

One thing the china producers get wrong is the fact that they keep on producing there phones in same kind of style, i do not mean the outward appearance but rather am talking of the inward which of course are the features in the phone.

If you have been a china phone user before and are conversant with their phones then it should be easy for you to tell when you see one but for those who doesn’t have a clue, here are some:

  • China phones always come with the GPRS network which is the G network sign and you don’t expect an Android kind of phone like the Samsung Galaxy not to have a 3G network.
  • China phones interface are dull and that’s the fact, am sorry to say but it looks kinda boring and immature.
  • Touch Sensitivity is Low: Trust me, whenever my friend brings this china samsung galaxy for me to help him fix something i always get pissed off, why? Because it might take up to 15 Minutes to fix something that can be done in 3 minutes due to the several times am going to keep touching and touching the screen to where i want and sometimes when am fed up, i simply give the phone to its owner and tell him what to do 🙂
  • The Audio Auto Replay is Stressful: On a china phone, songs are not just auto replayed via memory card unless the songs are been moved to a particular folder called ‘My Music’ but on original plays, all songs existing on the memory card are auto replayed when ever you want it.

Well, these are the once my head can actually remember for now but if you have more ideas, kindly let us know using the comment form.


  1. Heidi says

    This china people, i wonder why they keep dubbing other mobile companies pattern without improvement

    1. trueinternetworld says

      They really suck, really

      1. isuru007 says

        hey buddy i have got galaxy china mobile can I download apps for this phone??

        1. trueinternetworld says

          I really cant tell whether or not apps can be downloaded on this device as i haven’t tried it, but you can sure give it a shot.

          1. Marxinxx says

            sure you can you just need download google play and install your phone than you donload what yu want in google store

  2. Donatus says

    Wow…..Nice updates samuel. Cos sometimes i start looking of samsung galaxy and its feature.
    You are right with your post. When will they stop killing brands

    1. trueinternetworld says

      Seriously, i really do not know for them o, i wonder why they can’t be creative in features nd designs, probably then they will get better exposure in the market.

  3. Anonymous says

    Highly Attention
    This is a note for everyone buying a Samsung S3 online. I recently bought a SAMSUNG S3 on BONANZA.COM web site and the Seller ID is Craterwireless. I paid $389.99 and He first promised me that the phone will be shipped out but I did not received the phone and he then promise me that he will refund me the money but He did not refund me at all and now he donot reply my email. SO be carefull!

    1. trueinternetworld says

      so sorry to hear about that buddy, i just hope this sounds as a warning to others

  4. hello123 says

    Hi, my mum bought for me a samsung galaxy s3 from china and the system is obviously in chinese. So i know i have to reboot the phone to change the system but then the problem is the phone doesnt have a download mode. Its suppose to be in download mode when i press the volume down + power + home button right? Instead it went into recovery mode, So how am i suppose to reboot it? Is there any other way? I have been cracking my brain to solve this problem but am unable to find any solution to it. pls help!

    1. trueinternetworld says

      Hello, i really do not fully understand what you are driving at, can you please be a little more descriptive?

      1. hello123 says

        Ok. sorry. I want to root my phone as the phone is in chinese since it was bought in china. Rooting is needed to be done to the phone so that itll be in english right? Well, the phone is unable to go into download mode. In order to root the phone i need the phone to be in download mode. However, i googled for tutorials on how to root the phone and in order for my phone to be in download mode i have to press these buttons, volume up + power + home button at the same time until the screen says its in download mode. Well, i press those buttons but it didnt go to download mode, instead it went into recovery mode. because of that i am unable to root my phone. So i tot maybe you could help me.

        1. trueinternetworld says

          since its a china phone i doubt if it can be rooted, all you can do is to manually change the language to english via its language settings.

  5. nazeeb says

    yesterday i buyed one samsung galaxy s3 phone from dubai lulu center rate 2099 dirham,plus one small phone also.after tat i under stooid they cheat me because tis fone made from china.china made also available same prize?is tis any problem to purchase china made

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Nazeeb, china made and the original samsung s3 is not same price unless they actually cheated you. i would recommend that you return the phone and get the original if possible.

  6. Jay says

    Chinese companies producing it should be penalized.

  7. Barry says

    Buddy, You are talking of Samsung S3 but there are Fake BMWs in China, so who will sue them? When you have the govt. to support you, you drop all your ethics & keep faking to become billionaires, that is what is happening in China. By the way, I just got an offer for Sony Xperia Z at US$ 130 with free shipping 😉

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Sony Ericsson Z for $130? Mind sharing with me where you got the offer so i could get mine too:)? perhaps, are you sure the phone is genuine?

  8. Barry says

    Buddy it is a copied version, would you be interested in that offer? I can send you their email address. If you recommend I can get one for myself too, but I thought you were informing us the limitations of copied versions. If you can highlight more differences between copied & original then it would be great.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      A copied version comes with more limitations then the original version. For an ordinary phone user, he would go for any of them but for a techie like me, copied is not an option hence i don’t think i would be interested.

  9. collins says

    great news chinaS3 can now install java and android games just like the real one it’s simple just like me on facebook {collins chris} and i will tell you how you go about it it’s a secret for now

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