5 Steps To Get Free Massive Traffic From Social Networks To Your New Blog/Website


There’s obviously more to social networks than just chatting and hooking up with new and old friends like i have stated in one of my previous post and as a blogger or website owner, its best you make use of those social networks and utilize them to the benefit of you and your blog in terms of getting massive traffic which in turn gives room to more exposure.


Well, the steps are simple and as a matter of fact, social networks as the quickest way to get traffic to your blog.

It nice knowing that you have created a blog for yourself but how about getting visitors to visit your blog and know what your blog is all about?

Let’s talk on Steps On How To Get Free Massive Traffic To Your Blog Or Website

traffic from social networks

When i first started trueinternetworld, my major traffic used to be from social networks like Facebook, twitter, stumbleupon and reddit etc but the one driving the most traffic was Facebook and do you know why?

Its simply because i was very active on facebook than all other social networks, imagine having over 1000 friends in a couple of weeks and for over 4 months now, i can’t send, receive or confirm friend requests because my total number of facebook friends have reached the facebook friend limit which you know to be 5000.

Now to the main subject matter.

1. Have Friends And Followers: On Facebook, its called friends, on twitter and most other social network platforms, its described as followers. In other to get people to know about your blog or website, you need to have a large number of friends and followers, 500 friends isn’t enough.

The simple arithmetic to this fact is

More Active friends = More Traffic.

2. Use Eyes-Catching Titles For Post: Its not just enough to have a large number of friends if you do not know how to deliver the kind of information they want to read with a good title that explains the content of the post.

Using Titles like ‘Hey You!’ For a post and sharing on social networks will get almost to no traffic(that is even if you get at all), the only thing you might possibly get are comments been posted on your link right on the social platform and probably asking whats up? :-D.

Using a more eye catching post title like ‘Understanding the meaning of hey you’ is sure to get you a more better amount of traffic to your blog because most people what to know what you might have explained ‘hey you’ even through they might know the meaning.

3. Be Very Straight In Your Post Contents: Its one thing to get visitors(Traffic) to your blog and another thing to keep them coming back when they enjoy what they read.

Getting the visitors to your blog or website via your irresistible title is great but what if the content of the post doesn’t explain the title? The visitors get disappointed and might lose total trust in your blog or website and the next time they come across your link, they just overlook. So work also on your post content to reflect the title of the post in a rather comprehensive and simple to understand manner, alright?

4. Add Social Sharing buttons To Your Website Or Blog Post: Guess this point is self explanatory but for the benefit of those who are yet to understand the reason for this i will give a brief.

Adding social sharing buttons to your blog is vital in terms of social network traffic in the sense that, if a reader enjoys your blog post and sees it fit to also share with her friends on her social network, she simply makes use of the social network share button been displayed in your blog post thereby giving room for more traffic.

If social share buttons are not in place, your readers will just read, probably drop a comment and leave without spreading the news. You dig?

5. Update Your Blog Regularly: Visitors often get discouraged of visiting a blog that’s only updated like once in 1 weeks or longer. Whenever they come visiting, they always meet same post they had seen 4 days ago and this might give them the room to only visit your blog probably once in a full moon :-D.

Follow the above simple steps i have written here for you and you should see your traffic increase in no time.

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