How To Auto Post Updates From Your Blog To Facebook Using RSS Graffiti

Posting updates automatically from your blog to your Facebook profile account or page could be a great way of letting your Facebook friends or fans know about new updates been posted to your blog instead of doing it the manual way.

There are benefits to automation of new posts from your blogger or WordPress blog to Facebook apart from just letting your friends or fans know about them, it actually drives more traffic to your blog which therefore increases page-views.

Trust me, am sure you wouldn’t want to go the stress of having to manually share your new posts to your Facebook account every time you publish them and considering the fact that its impossible to share posts to your fan page via the use of Facebook mobile and thus leaving your blog fans out of the new updates, its necessary that you get the automatic posting done while on a computer.

post from blog to facebook

There are a couple of applications on facebook in which you can use in getting these done but right now, i just want to talk basically on using the a Facebook application called RSS Graffiti.


What Is RSS Graffiti?

Its an app on facebook that allows you add your blog feed to your account and thus posting your latest post updates via the use of your blog feed to your selected facebook account destination including the post title and link to the blog post.

How Do I Auto Post Updates From My Blog To My facebook Account Using RSS Graffiti App?

The process is quite simple as i will be giving tutorials with screenshots but have in mind that its very important you know your blog’s feed url as you will be needing it in the process.

Don’t know how to get your blog’s feed url? You can use the validator feed tool here

Are you able to find your blog’s feed address now?

Next is to log into your Facebook account and afterwards, visit the RSS Graffiti App Page Here

Logged into the RSS Graffiti App Page, now click Add New Publishing Plan and fill in the Publishing name as illustrated thus:

rss graffiti configuration

After creating that, the next thing to do is to add a source which is your blog feed, WordPress blogs feeds are majorly in the format of e.g

adding new feed addressRemember to change the feed source to your blog’s feed source and click on Add Source and you should get a successful message.

Please note that your auto post isn’t yet active and this is because you haven’t added a target or rather a destination for the update posts, you need to add a target which is the post destination and to do this, you need to click on the add new button which is after the target and you should get a pop up like this:

adding auto post destination to rss graffiti

Select the choose target as where you want your blog updates to be posted and select publish on behalf of as the name you want to be displayed when ever an auto post blog update is made and click on Save Changes.

Now, you just have one more thing to do and that’s enabling enabling the publishing plan and to do this, you just need to click once on the center OFF button on your already set up auto post configuration and you should get a green button and written ON like this:

finalizing rss graffiti auto publishing set up

Hope you got that right? Well, if you didn’t then i suggest you follow my instructions and if still confused, you can drop your questions via comment form and i will respond asap.

In my subsequent posts, i will be unleashing other applications you can use in auto-publishing your blog posts to facebook and twitter other than RSS Graffiti.

Hope this helps 🙂 ?

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