Is HTC Mobile Phone An Android Phone Device? Here’s My Answer


Day in day out most people gets talking, arguing and asking if HTC Mobile phones is an android device and am a witness to this because most of my friends still believes that htc isn’t an android phone but the simple truth is Not All but some!

Some HTC phones is no doubt an android phone just like samsung galaxy s3 and others but just differences in features.

Owners of HTC phones to the best of my understanding are specifically aimed at producing HTC Products just like RIM which are producers of BlackBerry Devices.

htc andoid phonesHTC is an amazing mobile device but what i dislike most about the device is its inability to use some certain apps like 2go, whatsapp and the rest.

Yes, there is a version of whatsapp designed for android devices but based on my trials, they don’t work on HTC too.

Most HTC phones are rather windows mobile phones while some are android.

Another thing i dislike about the HTC smart phones is the Internet Explorer that is been used as the browser. Please don’t get me wrong its cool having internet explorer but if you tried visiting on some htc phones you will redirected to the website version of 2go and thereby making it impossible to visit there mobile download site.

Summary: Just on a last note, HTC phones are either windows mobile in terms of operating systems or they are android devices.

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