My Experience With Using Mobile Touch Screen Phones


Its Understandable that everyone’s got opinions in relation to the above subject matter(Touch Screen Phones) but am totally talking here based on my own personal experience with using Touch Screen Phones.

Somehow, i have been opportune to engage in using different kinds of phones(Even through most of them don’t belong to me :-D).

You would recall i wrote a post on my experience with using a blackberry curve 2(Well, that belonged to me), i also wrote on why you shouldn’t use a blackberry tour(that phone doesn’t belong to me tho) and some other reviews and now, i just wanna write on my experience with using touch screen mobile phones.

As you know, touch screen models do exist in almost all types of mobile phone producers, ranging from Nokia to Samsung, LG etc and i have been opportune to use all a touch screen phone coming from these manufacturers.

Alright, enough talks, now to do subject matter!

touch screen touch phone

I Don’t like Touch Screen Mobile Phones!

Yes, you heard me right and i can say that again without fear and am going to state my reasons to why.

1. Its Stressful: Ok, at this point you might want to doubt this but at same time u may want to agree with me.
Have you ever compared the flexibility in using a non-touch screen phones with using a touch screen phone? Using a touch screen phone is relatively stressful, believe me!

2. Make More Errors: Am the kind of person that when it comes to typing, am pretty fast but this totally depends on the kind of phone am using.

When using a Nokia phone i can simply close my eyes without looking at the phone and still get what am typing right.

Although am not yet so good with the blackberry keypad but most times i type my phone and just looking at the screen of my phone without making much mistakes but i can obviously not do that with touch screen phones because even when am looking at the screen and what am typing, i still make mistakes.

Touch Screen Sensitivity: Fine, when it comes to menu functions on touch screens, it could be faster to navigate but at same time it could be faster to navigate to the wrong menu. More so, strolling down the screen to get to options which are below the main screen could be a pain in the butt, although this strongly depends on the manufacturer and the touch sensitivity. I recently held a friend’s Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone(China Produce) and trust me, the phone really pissed me off, something i could do under 2 or 3 minutes was taking like 15 minutes to get to and at a point i just handed over the phone to its owner and told him what to do since i was fed up of trying and trying to get to a particular option. Do you dig?

And Many More Points: They are obviously a dozen reasons to why i do not like using touch screen phones and among those reasons are irrelevant reasons and that’s more reason am choosing to stop here so that i don’t go on adding reasons that really do not count as these are best known to me.

Please do not get me wrong, everyone has got his taste and same applies to me, and like the popular saying goes ‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison’. Touch screen phones could be the best kind of phone you have or could have used but for me, its certainly gonna be the last and that is if i will ever use such phones.

I have intentions of getting a touch screen phone that has the hand keypad fuction too like the NOKIA C6, this is cool with me because you can either use the touch screen or use the keypad scrolling and typing option thereby room for more chooses but using just a touch screen phone with no external keypad? That’s totally out of it.

We’d love to hear your own experience with touch screen phones using the comment form.


  1. Oscar says

    That’s interesting. Me too, I don’t really like screen touch phones.

  2. Souleymon Sly says

    You have said your reasons which contradicts you as well
    You obviously havent used a Sophisticated Touch Screen Phone
    I use a Nokia 808 and its wholly touch screen.
    Presently the Screen is damaged.
    The Originality of the Phone is the reason why the Phone is
    Still Function even though the screen is broken.

    1. trueinternetworld says

      Well, you could be right there ‘i obviously haven’t used a sophisticated touch screen phone’ but based on all the touch screen phones i have come across, they are no better than phones with physical keypads 😀

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