Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria, Profitable Or Not?


Following the current situation in the economy, its rather of better option to engage in one or more businesses to be able to settle bills and more and there are obviously lots of businesses around us that we seem not to take note off both online and offline and in the category of Offline businesses, Recharge Card Printing is one legitimate business in Nigeria to look out for.

Personally for me, I’d prefer working online to working offline and there are reasons to why i choose this although am still working offline even through my blog is my online business but am going to keep that topic for another time :-D.Is Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria A Profitable Business?

recharge card printing businessHave you been having such questions in mind lately?

Have you been thinking whether or not to invest in the Recharge Card business as a Nigerian?

Well, am gonna allow you answer the question of whether or not its a profitable business by simply following my speculations.

First, am going to be asking some questions and I’d like you to answer them yourself as i ask.

Ready?…….Alright, let’s start!

Question 1: When was the last time you bought a recharge card?

Question 2: What denomination of Recharge Card did you buy during your last recharge?

Question 3: What do you use recharge cards for?

Hope you answered those questions?

Now, if am to answer them, i would say, i recharged my phone today, i actually recharged like N200 denomination and there are obviously a lot of things i use recharge cards for, like making calls, send to relations, internet subscriptions to mention a few.

Now, let me point out here that you and i are just two persons right? There are millions of people in Nigeria so also there are over a million people in your state in particular, am i wrong or right?

You would agree with me that almost 80% of Nigerians if not more, uses a mobile phone with a Sim card and at one point in time, they tend to recharge the Sim every now and then.

Most Nigerian recharge more than once in a day even with higher denominations for business purposes and more.

What am i driving at?

To my own point of view, recharge card printing business in Nigeria is something to crave for as it is a profitable business if you really know how to do it right.

Now, following my little speculation here on this post, what do you think of the Recharge card printing business in Nigeria? A profitable business or Not?

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  1. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    Printing the recharge card isn’t the issue but having a good market strategy.

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