Understanding The Meaning Of CPC, CTR, Clicks, Impressions In Google Adsense Account Dashboard


Been a newbie to blogging could be like having to enter into a whole new internet world and when you are eventually accepted into the Google Adsense Program by the Google Adsense team, you end up finding terms like CPC, CTR, Impressions, Clicks in your Google Adsense performance reports which could be very confusing to you but don’t worry, i was once like you and of course, it takes quite some time to adapt to a new world and am here to help you with letting you understand the meaning of those terms and more.

As you know or might have heard, Google Adsense is the quickest way to make money from your blog via the use of advertising ads been displayed on your blog and you get commissions on every click made on those adverts.

More so, Monitoring your Google adsense account performance reports is essential if you really want to improve your earnings and adsense experience but those reports will still look like figures without meaning if you don’t understand what the terms used actually means.

Meaning Of Most Terms Used In Google Adsense Account Dashboard

google adsense cpc ctr

CPC: CPC is full meaning to be Cost Per Click and looking from the full meaning of the term, i guess its self explanatory right? But lemme just go ahead and elaborate.

CPC means the amount you were been commission per click on your ads been displayed on your blog.

For example, if you had a total of 10 clicks and earned €2, it simply means your CPC(Cost per click) was €0.20, you dig?

CTR: CTR is full meaned to be Click Through Rate, yes i know this is a bit confusing because its not self explanatory like the first but am going to explain better for your understanding.

CTR basically depends on how you monetize your blog in terms of how to place your ads, Click Through Rate is calculated in relation to your impression and clicks, don’t know the meaning of impression and clicks? Just chill, am heading there :-).

CTR is calculated in ratio, for example if you had a total impression of 100 and a total click of 10 then CTR will be %10. You dig?

Impression: There isn’t much to talk on this particular term, it simply means the number of times your ads was viewed by your visitors.

Please note, impressions is different from page-views, in most cases, impressions been displayed on your adsense dashboard is lesser than the total number of pageviews you had on your blog per day.

Clicks: You would agree with me that this is self explanatory but just to talk on it, clicks means the number of times your ads was clicked.

Please note that its best you keep your clicks in accordance to your impresssion to avoid invalid clicks.

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