UBA AfriCard online for payment successfully

UBA Visa AfriCard – A Better Alternative To PayPal Payment Method For Nigerians

Following the fact that Nigerians are not allowed to use PayPal accounts in the sense that Nigerians aren’t allowed to register for a PayPal account and having at the back of your mind that almost 90% of internet business ventures use online payments that requires Paypal as means of payment and also the use of credit card.

Quite alright, i understand that PayPal accounts can be opened and verified as a Nigerian through some sorts of ip changing method and others but that doesn’t guarantee the fact that it won’t be limited someday.

My quest to owning a PayPal account actually got me dumped by shopvcc.com when i tried buying a paypal verification card and ever since then i decided to clear my mind towards getting a verified paypal account at least for the now although i have learnt my lessons and have understood how to get and verify a paypal account.

Understanding the fact that most online business ventures that require payments via paypal also have options for payment via credit card, choosing the credit card option could really be the best alternative to paypal.

UBA AfriCard Visa

Not all visa or MasterCard credit cards issued to you from your local bank in Nigeria are accepted online as a means of payment but ever since i started paying for services and more online, UBA Africard has been the perfect solution for me.

UBA Africard was introduced to me by my friend who runs dapsonblog.com as i have always loved using the card.

Although i wouldn’t say i have paid for goods or services at every online business venture but most of the things i have always wanted to pay for, i have done so successfully via the use of my UBA Africard which is visa verified.

Most of the sites i have successfully used this card on are namecheap.com(bought a domain for a friend)godaddy.com(bought domain for a friend), hostgator.com(bought an hosting account for a client), hostwinds.com(bought hosting for one of my blog), hawkhost.com etc.

I have successfully used my UBA Africard on the above sites as a means of payment via credit card option without hustles hence, i believe its going to work for you too as long as you fill in the correct details along side sufficient funds in your account.

I need not worry about getting a PayPal account now for the sake of online payments as my UBA Africard serves as the best alternative right now.

In my subsequent posts, i will be writing on requirements to getting your own UBA Africard so stay tuned to trueinternetworld blog and enjoy :-).

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16 thoughts on “UBA Visa AfriCard – A Better Alternative To PayPal Payment Method For Nigerians

  1. Nice one, UBA Africard is no doubt the best online payment method currently for Nigerians. Paypal, i don’t just know what some countries have done so bad that paypal won’t accept them. Hey man, don’t you think your post has too much share buttons? Above post and below post is too much. You should remove above post. Have a nice day

  2. Good afternoon, and Happy New Year Samuel.
    Please I need your URGENT Assistance and opinion.
    I’m having problems making payments on http://www.hostgator.com with my unpersonalized UBA Africard. They keep saying they “are unable to process my credit card”.
    What i’m I doing wrong or what do I need to do?
    Thanks a lot for your time, and hope to hear from you soonest.

  3. If I can pay with the UBA Visa AfriCard, can I receive money from other people in dollars over the internet? This is where I really need an alternative for pay pal. Thanks

    1. From outside the country I haven’t tried it, but within the country all you need do is submit your credit card account number and ask them to pay into it.

      When I melt alternative to paypal, I actually meant for payment of goods and services online.

  4. I got this card UBA Africard with the hope of using it for payment for transaction outside nigeria. However, I went ahead I loaded fund into the card. But to my surprise, the first company said the card is not verified that I should return it to the issuer. The second company said that the card is not eligible. What do I do now I have loaded money into this card

  5. Samuel, pls which of the number in the Visa africard is the Card no? Is it the 16 digit no or which one?

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