Free Info On Using MTN, GLO, Airtel, Etisalat BlackBerry BIS On PC For Unlimited Browsing


If you are the type who is consistent to knowing what’s on board in relation to free browsing or unlimited browsing on pc then am quite sure you might still remember the times MTN BIS (Blackberry Internet Subscription) was been used on PC with freegate software thereby giving you the liberty to surf the internet without restriction of data usage and with an amazing speed.

This cheated lasted for a couple of months before MTN blocked it and thus leaving most PC users with no choice than to go back to their data plans usage thinking MTN BIS no longer works on PC.

Just to clear the air on that, MTN BIS still works on PC as at when publishing this post but with the use of other softwares and VPNs.

Just to aid my readers on this blog, i want to disclose what’s on board in relation to using MTN and Airtel BlackBerry Internet Subscription(BIS) on pc.

Using MTN BIS on your personal computer with the required software provides you with Unlimited browsing but using Airtel BIS on PC gives you 1GB of data usage which of course is much better than paying higher prices for same quantity of data.


This is the current blazing unlimited browsing on the MTN Network as there seem to be no free browsing for now, all that’s required of you is to subscribe to MTN blackberry weekly plan or monthly plan and these are the codes.

BBCWEEK to 21600 = MTN BIS Weekly Plan

BBC to 21600 = MTN BIS Monthly Plan.

You can get more information on the MTN blackberry subscription page here

The weekly plan costs N500 while the monthly plan costs N1500, if you use a blackberry alongside MTN Network then this shouldn’t be anything new to you.

What Next?

There are varieties of software you can use alongside BIS in other to gain access to the internet as direct browsing with BIS wouldn’t connect.

Here are the Current Softwares i know of.

1. PD-Proxy
2. SandwichVPN
4.LeadVPN and more.

I personally have used sandwichVPN and tweakwareVPN.

Just so you know, these software require you subscribing as a premium user in other to enjoy the service and i think the reason for this is to maintain the cost of servers they purchased.

Below is a screenshot of my download speed using MTN BIS on my PC with sandwichvpn:

using mtn bis on pc

Almost all the software require payment via Liberty Reserve, if you don’t have a liberty reserve account then you can contact me to help you subscribe to a premium account.

When done with the BIS subscription and the software subscription, just connect your Modem with the MTN Sim and configure your network profile settings using APN as

Connect and you are good to go.

How To USE Airtel BIS ON PC

Using Airtel Blackberry subscription on PC doesn’t require the use of software like MTN, all that’s required is to subscribe to their Blackberry plan, use the sim on your pc and you are good to go.

Please NOte: When configuring your network profile settings on your PC,

use APN as,
Username and Password as internet

Then connect.

What about GLO and ETISALAT BIS ON PC?

As at the time of publishing this report, glo and etisalat Blackberry subscriptions can’t be used on pc maybe in the future it will.

Are There Any Unlimited Browsing On Glo and Etisalat?

Presently, glo has no free or unlimited browsing. Etisalat has no free browsing either moreover there’s an unlimited browsing on etisalat which is what am currently using now due to the poor network been experienced on my MTN Network.

Are you interested in the etisalat unlimited browsing? You should contact me for that and i will get you set.

Here is a screenshot of my the download speed using etisalat unlimited browsing on pc:

etisalat download speed on pc

You can confirm the date i circled alongside the download speed, please do not mind the second download, my PC date wasn’t set thus i had to fix that before commencing another download.

Do you have a means by which you browse for free or unlimited on glo, mtn, etisalat or airtel? Do share with us using the comment form.



Etisalat trick on pc has been blocked currently, only MTN BIS on PC still works for now, i will also post an update here when there is something new relating to this.

  1. Shehu Awwal says

    send me your phone number bro..

    1. trueinternetworld says

      Please kindly make use of the contact page on my blog and i will reply you asap

  2. mutiu says

    i’d be interested in this Sam

    1. trueinternetworld says

      Am sure you know how to reach me Mr. Mutiu 🙂

  3. Ahmedsani says

    Please i don’nt understand but i have a glo moder and i want to u airtel sim how can i do that

    1. trueinternetworld says

      If i get you correctly, you want to use your airtel sim in your glo modem, first you will need to unlock it.

      I have got a post on this blog that explains how to do that, doing that allows you to use any sim on that particular modem.

  4. blazor says

    Have u gotten that for glo yet?? Puleeease

    1. trueinternetworld says

      Sorry buddy, none is available for glo yet

  5. sadre says

    Please I would like to know how much they charge for subscribing as premium members and how to configure them to browse with your modem. Thanks

    1. trueinternetworld says

      Please Sadre, do you mind elaborating on your question because i cant understand what you saying.

  6. Jayeris says

    I would like to know if the unlimited browsing for Etisalat still works, and also if it requires a software….

    1. trueinternetworld says

      The Etisalat unlimited browsing has just recently been blocked, will post an update here when there is a new one, what more now is MTN and its blaze cool.

      1. Jayeris says

        The one of MTN, does it also require a software?

        1. trueinternetworld says

          Yes it does

          1. Taiwo says

            Elo mr samuel,pls i need ur help on dis issue of mine,d prob goes as thus: i obtain an E303 fastlink modem from mtn wit d hope of unlockin it using d direct unlockin dat i used in calculatin the Imei number,but as i tried it some times the modem get blocked,saying i can only used the specified sim on it,so as i browse i now saw d use of d dc unlocker to unlock it,but can i download ur own scap so if it can wrk

          2. Adeniyi Samuel says

            try using the dc-unlocker software with credit in it.

  7. inem says

    How much to upgrade to premuim membership on d software

    1. trueinternetworld says

      Which software?

  8. grey says

    I got freegate but its not connecting any ideas on wat to do?….. Am using my mtn for my dial-up…

    1. trueinternetworld says

      Freegate no longer works buddy.

  9. Kenneth says

    I am interested in the MTN unlimited browsing, does it still work? Thanks for the Good work

    1. trueinternetworld says

      Yes it still works.

  10. Joshua Egunmwendia says

    How often does one pay for software after the initial subscription as a premium user, and how does one get the required serial number for registration for IDM after the initial subscription? This is so because I hv used Tunel Guru ang it expired, not working again.Ijust recently went for PD PROXY from someone who collected 1500.00 naira, and yet, am bn asked to register again to get a serial number befor I could download.Am really confused, pls, help out on how to get the serial number what to do.Thanks!

    1. trueinternetworld says

      Hello Joshua, PD-Proxy is different from IDM(Internet Download Manager), i dont use PD-Proxy tho but i got your mail you sent to me via my contact page and i have told you what to do in terms of been able to use IDM for life without paying a dime.

  11. Emmanuel says

    Wow! that was great bro. i got informed but i am still on the glo BIS for PC thing. its now working on Ipad.

  12. sammy jes says

    Pls, hw can I gt d sandwich VPN software and hw will I process it to work ?

    1. trueinternetworld says

      i really can’t say if sandwichvpn still works because its been very long i used that, you can try PD-Proxy tho

  13. billa007 says

    I would like to know the BIS apn settings for Vodafone and Aircel carriers. Also the username and pass if any…. Thanks!

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Sorry Billa, it seems these networks don’t exist in Nigeria so i can’t really help with their APN as i do not know these networks too well.

  14. djwyse says

    Hello mr sam I wanna tell you that I am really having problem using my mtn after connectin and downloading pdproxy it still don’t work pls tell me what next to do.and kindly upload this new settings for glo its working 100% name Glo BIS,*99# is the dail number,apn is,user name and password is to be left blank that’s it please hit me up here 08035626385 I wanna discuss it with you.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      i really do not use PD-Proxy with mtn bis but have you sent your browser to no proxy? More so, in accordance to the glo bis on pc settings, we already have it here for over a very long time now, here is the address

  15. eze says

    how do i start using d mtn unlimited download? Wilt i pay? How much? Whom do i pay 2? 08062965124

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Please be sure to read the post should answer all your questions.

  16. flexible waist says

    pls Adeniyi afta finsh de process, is it used wid a vpn? thankx in advance 🙂

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      No it doesn’t, just connect and you are good to go.

  17. ibrahim says

    Urgent !I need the VPN software to use my MTN BIS on PC to enjoy unlimited service.Also, I will like to know if it”s only one time payment(for Life) not monthly subscription.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Ibrahim, its not a one time payment but they have got plans for 3 months and so on but I recommend the monthly cycle plan.

  18. vic says

    Pls sam, I am using window 8 pc, what can I do to set up the broswer for mtn bis on d pc..kindly email me..

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Most of my clients that I have helped to set up using mtn bis on pc use windows 7 while I use windows xp, am pretty positive that the software should work on your windows 8 if properly guided through.

  19. ade says

    Glo bis does not connect since yesterday aand is there any stuff or links going right away?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      It could be network problems.

  20. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    pls, i don’t have a blackberry. can i subscribe BIS on my ericsson?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yes you can.

      1. moses says

        Hello brova can i get ur phone number , we goTta talk well about this mtn stuff , still not able to browse

        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          Am currently using my mtn sim on my pc now so i can’t receive calls with it now, use the contact page here and i will reply you immediately i get your mail.

  21. Taiwo says

    Yah, i had read dat tru ur page,dat is going to work wit d aid of dc unlocker but d problem is dis, i do not av d means of paying or buying credit from them,i do not av credit card, dat wil help me in getting it,so i wil need ur help on dis,or can i download ur dc unlocker scrap weither to use dat to unlock it,or wud you inbox me ur address so i wil come along wit d modem so u wil help me to fixed dat out,and tel me my fee immediately if i can be able to pay for it

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Hello Taiwo, you seem to have commented on the wrong post, could you please comment on the right post so that we can clearly understand what you are talking about.

  22. Ansel says

    Goodmornin bro, i have being using GLO BIS to browse on my pc but sinc 19th of this month that i subscribed but its not browsing though it wil show connected but i can’t browse. Please i look forward to hear from you if there is a solution to it. Thanks in anticipation for your assistance.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      it has been blocked.

  23. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    Please give more info and enlightenment on this MTN BIS. Of all your posts, it is only this I find not elaborated.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Bro. please read the above post again because it was quite explanatory there or you can read

  24. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    Just exactly what software will I use on the MTN BIS? and how do I go about the process?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      you can use any of the above or contact me for more support although no vpn is completely free now

    2. moses says

      Whats the name of the software , coz ii have balance in my lr account ,so can ii purchase it myself ?

      1. Adeniyi Samuel says

        You can use any of the above listed software Mr. Moses.

  25. Kronks says

    Guys, If you are all experiencing connection issues using tweakwarevpn, before you initiate connection from your modem interface, go over to network settings and change the DNS of that same connection to Then you can connect, and launch tweakwarevpn connection as well. I get upto 1mbps on my MTN

  26. Kronks says

    I can categorically confirm that GLO BIS on PC still works if you set you APN to “” and use “flat” as both username and password.

    The only limitation is, the connection is capped at 3GB only.

  27. kling kling says

    How can I use mtn bis on iphone I try to set apn to
    But not working any way forward ?

  28. kling kling says

    I mean

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      mtn bis cannot be used on iPhone for now

  29. Joshua says

    Pdproxy is not connecting on mtn modem any longer but it works for my multilinks, has
    mtn blocked it

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      i wouldn’t be so sure buddy because i do not use PD-Proxy myself.

  30. yusuf says

    bros, hope the mtn bis stuff is still going on pc?????

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yes its still working Mr. Yusuf

  31. Nnamani Angus Emeka says

    pls is airtel bb bis subscrption unlimited?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      No its not, just 1GB for a month.

  32. obi says

    Please how far with etisalat and mtn

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Sorry buddy, nothing on etisalat for now but you can work with MTN BIS on pc.

  33. Jonathan says

    Hi, how do I unlock my Multilinks modem so I can use any sim on it. Thanks for your swift response.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Multi-links are CDMA modems hence they cannot be unlocked.

  34. Israel says

    Thanks buddy for your tips on mtn bis with vpn on pc cos it is rocking like hell and i am on my way 2 up grade my sandwich vpn acc although d demo is rocking but limited mb

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      I tried the demo of sandwich vpn on my windows but it seem not to be working for me. Currently using another vpn on my pc.

  35. wisdom says

    men my vpn no longer works and my airtel unlimited does not work on my pc or android what do i do what is the latest

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Guess it was something with the network pal. Mind wasn’t working as at this morning but its working again now.

  36. greg says

    pd proxy is so easy to use and you dont need anyone to assist you or collect money do it for you. all you need is a perfect money account. Fund it with atleast 10dollars. Then go to register and download the software. If you do it properly , it will direct you to confirm your email from your mail box. after that, you can now download the software and search for the payment option. there you will see like 3 payment options. Chose pm(perfect money) it use to be lr liberty reserve in the past. For a month you pay 4.99dollars. When your fund has been deducted, your account automatically works. Dont allow a middle man to deceive you. if you still need help contact me at

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