Understanding Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques For Bloggers


It is believed that traffic from search engines are the sure ways to get real targeted traffic to a blog which could also lead to sales or earnings if your blog is monetized via Adsense, Affiliate or other sources of income Generation.

Even through Traffic from search engines is the best form of traffic, it can not be achieved without search engine optimization techniques been put in place.

Talking about search engine optimization techniques for bloggers, SEO is grouped into two basic categories: On page Seo and Off page seo.

On Page Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

search engine optimisation techniquesOn page Seo technique basically involves optimising your blog and its contents for search engines. It basically involves the use of Meta Tags like Meta Title, Meta Description, optimizing images by including alt tags, keywords in external urls and more. More tips on On page Seo i will be talking about in my subsequent posts.

Off Page Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

The Off Page Search Engine Optimization as the name implies, basically talks on the seo practices carried out outside your blog.

Building backlinks is the major factor and technique in off page seo as it helps in making your blog and its contents rank in google.

The trick is: More Backlinks = Better Rankings

Building backlinks is not as easy as it sounds because in the eyes of search engines, quality backlinks is much more beneficial than quantity backlinks.

A blog with 10 backlinks from high PR sites is definitely going to do better than a blog with 20 backlinks from low PR sites.

It is believed that content is King but believe me when i say that content alone isn’t just enough to get ranked in google and other search engines but it sure helps.

The Basic SEO Technique

1. Work on rich contents: This is vital in the eyes of search engines because good backlinks with poor contents is going to pay less good than bad during google updates.

2. Optimise Your Blog: This is described as on page seo and as i have stated earlier, work on your blog meta tag title and description(although this is not a priority to most search engines but it wouldn’t cost any harm having this already set up).

3. Work On your backlinks.

These are the sure and guaranteed seo techniques for bloggers, work on these basic techniques and watch your blog grow in search engines.

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