How To Cancel Auto-Renewal Of BlackBerry Plan On MTN, Airtel, GLO, Etisalat


Yesterday i really had a tough time with my MTN blackberry internet subscription, i tried subscribing to a new mtn bb plan but i couldn’t and the message i kept getting stated that i was on a current bb plan which clearly means that i can’t subscribe to another plan until the current plan expires.

Quite alright, i resorted to de-activating the mtn bis auto-renewal feature which automatically takes the airtime on my phone when my current plan expires, i wanted to do this because i didn’t want them to automatically take the credit on my sim to re-subscribe to my previous plan as i wanted to go for a better package which of course demands a higher price.

All effort to get this done proved abortive as i tried all codes and ideas i had but known seem to be working, i even asked most of my friends that also uses mtn bis on their phone but known seem to know how, i even went online via google search to make enquires but still yet, no positive result as all i could read were saying same thing as ‘there is no way to cancel auto-renewal on mtn blackberry service, the only remedy is not to have airtime on your phone when your current bb plan is about to expire’.

C’mon, how am i suppose to remove the credit i have already loaded and there isn’t anyone i could transfer the airtime to and transfer back after the current plan as expired as most people around me seem not to know how to go about that either.

I had no other choice than to allow the network take their subscription airtime which i must confess really made me feel kinda sad.cancel mtn blackberry service renewal

How To Cancel MTN BlackBerry Internet Service Auto-Renewal Feature

Without boiling you with stories, let’s hit the hammer on the nail.

Here’s is a confirmed step to get the mtn auto renewal feature deactivated.

Send ‘NO‘ to 21600 and you should get a successful message.

How To Cancel Airtel BlackBerry Service Auto-Renewal

As at the time of posting this, i don’t think Airtel automatically renews a bb package, the best option is to cancel your bb pin when its about to expire by simply texting ‘Deactivate to 440‘.

How To Cancel Glo BlackBerry Service Auto-Renewal

Simply text ‘Cancel‘ to 777

How To Deactivate BlackBerry Internet Auto-Renewal Service On Etisalat

Simply text ‘stop‘ to 229 or dial *229*0#

Hope this helps?

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