When Building Backlinks, Should You Really Worry About Page PR?


Going on search engines to research on how to rank in search engines for keywords, you might have come across loads of blogs and websites saying same thing and %90 talk basically on building backlinks, not just backlinks but quality backlinks which is eventually correct. Most of these blogs and website state that you should only create backlinks from high PR sites, probably from PR4 to PR8 as this will be described as quality backlinks by search engines but is this really true?.

If you ask me, i really do not think that just watching out for high PR Pages to create back-links should be it and i have got my reasons to that.

 building quality backlinks on PR

1. According to search engine studies, Google expects that your backlinks be natural in the sense that back links are meant to be earned and not done too personally. Just focusing on high PR pages for creating backlinks sure doesn’t tell that your links are natural eventhrough you get quality backlinks but you might end up been penalised by google and instead of you ranking higher in search engine result pages(SERP) and getting better traffic to your blog or website, you end up noticing that your traffic reduces which sure means that you are losing rankings in SERP.

2. The Small Gets Big: Just because a blog page or website page is ranking PR0 today doesn’t mean it wouldn’t get a PR2 or higher in the next Google Pagerank Update. Now think of this, if you get your link posted to a PR0 page today and during the next google pagerank update, that page earned a PR3 what does that implies? Simple, you have got your a PR3 backlink from what used to be a PR0.

I know of a couple of websites and blogs which got their Page Ranks reduced or lost during the recent Google PageRank update, now tell me what’s gonna become of the links posted on those pages? It automatically become quantity and not quality.

Here’s My Advice When Building Backlinks

1. Focus More On Quality Contents : Quality contents when noted by readers automatically get shares in social networks and backlinks eventhrough the page is on a N/A PR or PR0 and because of the usefulness of the contents and pointing backlinks, its obviously going to get a better PR during google PR update which means some link juice for you.

2. Focus On DoFollow And Commentluv Blogs: Friends, even if a page has a PR0 but with commentluv or Dofollow feature and quality contents, its advisable that you always post a comment because you never know what the future holds for that page.

Hope this Post was helpful in leading you through the right step to creating natural backlinks to your blog or website?

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  1. Soki Briggs says

    With over a 100 backlinks to my site, i can testify that linking building is Prince of SEO (content is King).
    I do not discriminate which blogs are worth my Link and which are not, i sprinkle them everywhere hoping some curious soul will click.

    However, I Am quite selective about links i permit on my site; Hate giving link juice to irrelevant and undeserving sites (Unless there’s Money involved. :D)

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