Can I Use GTBank Naira MasterCard Online For Facebook Advertising?


Recently i came to understand that most internet users and online buyers have been searching for the best credit card to use online for payments and a credit card that is accepted worldwide online, GTBank Naira MasterCard works on some.

More so, before now i have read a couple of news online stating that the GTB Naira MasterCard(Debit Card) can not be used for online payments and this made me to option for the UBA AfriCard which so far has been working for me and i even wrote a review about that card.

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What is GTBank Naira Mastercard(Debit Card)?

gtbank naira mastercard for facebook advertisingThis card is the one issued to you from your bank better know as ATM Card. Please do not get this wrong, this is same card most savings account bank account users with ATM card uses and its not in a any way a special one. Although i haven’t tried using other banks ATM card(Yeh, i never really liked ATM cards tho) but GTB’s card is cool.

Now to the subject matter:

Can GTBank Naira Mastercard Be Used Online For Facebook Advertising?

The simple answer to the above question is YES! GTB’s ATM Card(naira debit card) works for facebook advertising payment and this has worked for me and that’s why am stating it here without doubts.

How Do I Get Started With Facebook Advertising?

Interested in Advertising on Facebook? Just visit and choose to create a new ad(please note that you will need to be signed to your account).

Create your ad campaign and choose to place order, you will then be asked to provide a funding account, choose Credit Card and enter your current credit card details.

If the information entered are correct then you should get a successful message and your ads should be placed on review, it normally takes within 24 hours for ads to be approved.

Can the GTB’s Naira Debit Card Work For Google Adwords Advertising Payment?

To be candid, i have not tried using this card on Google Adwords although someone i know said it worked for him but i personally haven’t tried it so i wouldn’t say YES/No to that but UBA africard sure works.

Hope this helps.

  1. Leta T. Cooke says

    Paying Via Naira MastercardI intend making payment online via mastercard credit card(our normal atms). However, I am scared on how safe it is to make payment via this means. It’s GTBank mastercard that I am using, anybody here with experience on paying through this means? Kindly advise, thanks.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      To the best of my understanding it is safe to go with the card more so, i would advise you do not disclose the card details to anyone especially your secret 3 digits.

    2. Gabby says

      @Leta… Adeniyi has said it all. you can make your payment with your gtbank master card but you will have to be careful on what platform you want to use it. and dont disclose your details as said by Niyi

  2. daayur says

    thanks for this info. its great

  3. Francis says

    How do i pay with my gtb naira master card when setting up my ads with fb what are the details will i enter with the gtb master card.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Just input the card number, the expiry date, name on card and card security number into the respective places on the payment page.

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