Google Zebra Update Set To Wipe All Websites On The Internet: Is This Gonna happen?


Hello Fellow Webmaster, if you have been following the SEO trends lately then you might likely have heard of the upcoming update said to be ‘Google Zebra‘, or if you are just hearing that for the first time you are welcome to reading more about it on this post.

According to other SEO forums, Blogs And Websites on the internet talking about the Google zebra update, it is said that the update is focused on websites and blogs with excuse use of some keywords on their blogs.

What are these keywords mentioned? Here they are

Google Zebra Update Keywords:

Get Started Today
My Friend
Payment System

More keywords are said to be added soon which means the above keywords isn’t zebra update

What this entails is that, the upcoming update is going to wipe out blogs and sites with excess use of those keywords in blog posts or pages just like Google panda and the likes the only difference is that google panda focuses on poor content and backlinks while google zebra focuses on keywords.

Is this Update Really Going To Happen?

Webmaster, to be candid I’m really not sure whether or not the zebra update is going to really take effect but even if it does, am pretty sure it’s not going to wipe out all blogs with those keywords as it was said and I have got speculations to this.

Observation 1: You do have a blog right? Now take a close look at your blog contents and take a close observation at the above keywords, did any of those keywords appear in your blog post? Am pretty sure Yes and which tells you that %60-%80 of websites and blogs on the internet has one or two of those keywords, now if the update was going to really happen the way it was explained, your blog is going to be hit and same goes for %60-%80 sites.

Observation 2: If you take a close look at Google Adwords keywords in which advertisers use in their campaigns, majority of the above keywords appear there especially ‘sell’. Most advertisers are selling products, if zebra update should take effect then their website is wiped off search results why then should they keep advertising?

Observation 3: Most Top blogs and websites like techrader, techcrunch, marshable etc do have those keywords in their contents and adsense publishers survive mostly from search engine traffic, imagine no enough traffic, would there be enough earnings on both adsense and adword users?

Observation 4: Imagine a Google search user goes on Google to make a research for example ‘Buy Android Tablet‘ and Google displays results on the first page stating ‘Importance of Android tablets‘ is the Google search user satisfied with the result? Obviously No, and with that, users will just go off google and use other search engines in making searches.

Conclusion: I really do not think the google zebra update is going to take place anytime soon and even if it does, it is not going to wipe out blogs and websites with the above keywords like it is been discussed unless Google itself is tired of doing business.

  1. Himanshu says

    Traffic reduced by 40% as compared to past few days. I might be due to Zebra Kick.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Himanshu, I really can’t ascertain that experience to be that of the update because it has not yet been officially announced, it could be a reduction in search terms for the keywords you rank for, verify that first.

  2. John says

    I agree that it’s quite fruitless for Google to even do something like that especially when they make a lot of money off those high priced keywords. I’m still wondering what next big update will occur and when.

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