How To Use GLO BlackBerry Plan(BIS) On PC


Lately GLO has improved their internet service by allowing its users to use their BlackBerry internet subscription(BIS) on PC computer and this has been what  i have been using for a couple of days without stress and the speed as the good here in my present location.

The Good news is that, same Glo bis can be used on smartphones like ipad and other devices, whether or not the plan can be used on an android device is something i really can’t ascertain because i haven’t tried it out before using an Android Smart Phone but you can try it out yourself and give me a feed back.

How To Configure And  Use Glo BIS ON PC

use glo bis on pcThe process are very simple and short and i will be helping you with screenshot for easy understanding.


Either Subscribe to globacom blackberry weekly plan for N400 or monthly plan for N1400 and insert your modem containing the subscribe sim to your PC computer.

Create a new profile settings and configure with the following parameters:

Profile Name: GLO

APN or Access Point:

Access Number or Dial UP Number: *99#

Username and Password: Leave them blank and save.

Take a low at my screenshot settings below for better understanding

glo bis on pc settings

Click on Connect and launch your browser.

Blaze on.

Summary: This is a very good  option to the Airtel BIS been used on PC and a good option for people speeding high amounts on internet subscriptions as you are given 700MB for the weekly plan and 3GB for the monthly plan which  i’d say is very cheap compared to the price.

If you are the type that consume more than 3GB in a month, then i’d recommend getting my unlimited browsing package and surf unlimited for a month.

Have you got any questions relating to using the glo blackberry internet subscription(BIS) on Computer or Smartphone, please use the comment form.


Glo Blackberry Bis been used on PC, Android and other devices have been blocked, it only works on bb devices, you can option in to using MTN BIS on PC and Android. I will also post an update here when something new is up.


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  1. Thanks Mate…On the glo website they wrote that both the Weekly and Monthly blackberry complete plans are UNLIMITED. Why the contradictions? Thanks once more

  2. Pls is the glo blackberry configuration setting work, I have been trying to get it work on my PC but no luck, Kindly help out pls

      • The confirguration is directing me to Glo website and saying, u are not subcribe to any data plan, I don’t know what to do again sir, I keep cracking my brain but no luck

        • If i understand you clearly, you are still using gloflat as the APN in your configuration settings, if you follow the instructions squarely, i said use ‘’ as the APN, follow the screenshot settings in the post above and if you have an active bb subscription, you should be good to go.

  3. Hi. Pls can you give me instructions on how to connect my glo BIS to pc using USB cable? I’d be very grateful bro. Tnx

    • I’d recommend you use a modem but if you still want to use a mobile phone alongside a usb cable, then you should have the phone’s pc suite, its usb cable and the phone should be 3G enabled but better browsing.

  4. Bro I’v all those. The desktop manager and it’s a bb torch. Pls can you give me the steps to follow, like what and what to set on my phone and pc(control panel, network connections,etc) if applicable. Thank you

  5. I found a way out with modem.
    Enter pc suite,click connect pc to internet using phone,then click settings(that spanner below) then click “select modem”.u ll see a long list then click ur phone.then click configure manually.apn put n leave the rest blank.u’re so good to go!

    • Yes Saad, this should be able to work with an iphone althrough i don’t use an iphone device but just surf through the phone internet settings and configure using apn: and leaving the username and password blank.

  6. I sent coweekly to 777 to activate the glo weekly plan. 400 naira was deducted from my account, but until now they keep telling me that my subscription is pending , when I send status to 777 . How long does it take for glo to activate my subscription? It been more that 12hours now.

  7. Please sir Neyo, how can I use MTN BIS or MTN direct to browse on PC without much stress…….thanks in anticipation.

  8. According to your information on GLO BB,i have been using it for the past 2weeks now, but i discovered today that i could not get connected,it terminated at the point of connection ,has Glo bock this package now?

    • Hello Ameer, am pretty sure using glo bis on iphone should work although I don’t use an iphone, just go to your internet settings and use APN as and don’t forget leaving the username and password fields empty then connect. Do let us know how it goes.

  9. Hello, i didn’t have any stress using my glo bolt modem to connect with the bb glo plan on my pc, but the problem i encounter is that when watching video online, it is fucking slow and it breaks very well. some times it even loggs off itself. what can you advice pls?

    • Am sorry Noor, wish i was using an iPhone would have helped with that setting but i don’t, if you are conversant with your phone you should be able to get this done, just make sure to use the above parameter settings.

  10. I just subscribed for the glo 3Gb BIS with my nokia with the hope of using it on my modem. Hope it still works, hope av not thrown away my 1k4 o!

  11. Hi, im usein an iphone, i used glo co month last month,nd it worked perfectly,bt nw i trried usein d glo coweet, bt it did nt work dis week, do u knw if gol bis has stoped working on i phone? i tried useing it on a bb, and it worked.

  12. hello,
    I'm using blackberry on Vodafone(India) bis plan……which is unlimited,, but the only problem is internet is only working on my phone,,, when I am connecting to PC using a WiFi hotspot or usb tethering, my carrier is blocking it,, so what are the methods to connect my phone internet plan to PC,,, does software's like simple web proxy will work?

    phone model: Blackberry Curve 9320.

  13. Am using a tecno D3, how can I use Glo bb plan: I have already subscribe but is not working pls I need your assistance thank you.

  14. samuel babatunde on

    Username: flat
    Password: flat
    guess dis should be the neew configuration for glo bis… lets know ur view.

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