Is It legal To Download YouTube Videos Online Or Convert Via Software?


Youtube is widely recognized as one of the top video sharing website owned by Google Inc and with a page rank of 3 according to Alexa Rankings. Its a website where people from almost all works of life can upload and watch videos for absolutely free. Now the question is, is it legal to download YouTube Videos either or not via the use Of software?

The Simple Answer to this is ‘NO‘, its illegal to download you tube videos or convert them via any means like download software or video converting software etc.


download youtube videos is illegalWhen you visited the YouTube website, did you find any default button like Download or Download Video? Google clearly states that it is illegal to download videos from you-tube as videos uploaded on you-tube are meant to be watched and not in any way downloaded or converted from one format to another.

Its clearly legal to embed you-tube videos to your blog or website, it also legal to watch videos online on YouTube but its illegal to download them.


Would it be cool if you as a video producer or artist uploads your videos on youtube for personal use and somebody else comes to download them since its public?

Or you been a singer uploads your video on the video sharing site for people to watch and hear you sing and somebody else comes to download them or convert them from mp4 format to MP3 and claims he/she did it, would that be cool with you?


There are loads of software on the internet which can be used in performing such functions as this but the bitter truth is that, it is completely illegal to download youtube videos.

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