Tips To Unlocking GLO BOLT And MTN Huawei E303 USB Modems


As you might have realised, the E303 modems are the latest kind of modems in vogue now and unlocking these modems are quite demanding unlike glo E173 modems and other earlier versions but on this post, i will be showing you exclusively on how to unlock the new glo bolt modems and MTN Huawei E303 modem.

First and foremost, I’d like to apologize to my readers for not posting this tutorial on time and I’d hope you forgive me for this.

To my speculation, i think most Nigerian network providers have resorted to using these new model of modem basically due to the fact that other versions of modems can be easily unlocked thus giving room for other network sims to be used on same modems but they is always a solution.

Unlocking GLO BOLT / MTN Huawei E303 Modems

First, you will be needing a software called DC-Unlocker, its same as the one i posted on the tutorial relating to unlocking glo netpro modem but that software called be used in unlocking this sort of modem. I’d recommend you download the latest version of this software which is version dc-unlocker_client-1.00.0975 from dc-unlocker website here.

You also need a working dc-unlocker username and password, this is required for authentication when unlocking the modem using the dc software.

You also need to have dc-unlocker credits loaded on your account username and password, depending on your modem but I’d recommend getting like 6 credits and 1 credit costs 1 euro. You can purchase credits via using paypal funds.

You will be needing an active internet connection on your computer, this is to enable your dc-unlocker software connect to the internet in other to verify and successfully unlock your USB modem.

Have you got all that in place? Next…

Connect your Glo Bolt or MTN Huawei E303 USB Modem to your PC with an unsupported sim card via a USB Port and when it prompts you to insert your unlock code, simply close the modem interface window and launch your downloaded DC-Unlocker Software.

Use the DC-Unlocker Software as i have formally illustrated on this post to detect your E303 modem. After successful detection, click on Server and input your already credited username and password.dc-unlocker software configuration

Head back to the Unlocking option and click on Do Job, the software will connect online and after successful verification of your username and password, your huawei modem will be unlocked and you should get a successful notification.

Close DC-Unlocker, remove and re-insert your GLO or MTN E303 Huawei Modem using an unsupported device and you shouldn’t get an error again because you are good to using your modem with other network sims.

This tips should work in unlocking both E303 Huawei and ZTE modems, for more questions or comments, please use the comment box.

  1. Steve Evablazin says

    How do I get a username and password for d DC unlocker software?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      You will be provided with a password to your username upon buying a credit from them.

  2. Olu Emmanuel says

    what is the assurance? because I really the to unlock the modem (glo internet packages are unbearable).

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Give it a try and see and do not forget to update us on how it went.

  3. Olu Emmanuel says

    please contact me on 08062468952 to authenticate the solution u gave us.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      you can ask your questions here and i will provide answers as fast as i can.

      1. MIKE says

        sir ,the way you explained how to unlock the glo bolt e303 can’t work.because that was the old method of unlocking e173.the old one will request for unlock code the moment you insert another network into it.BUT THE NEW ONE WILL NOT REQUEST FOR CODE RATHER IT BE ANOTHER MESSAGE IT WILL DISPLAY.

        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          Another message like?

  4. basolan says

    Dc unlocker does not support the glo e303 modem yet.It is only good for e173u-2 airtel and e303 mtn and a host of others modems(zte)

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Basolan, it works with glo bolt modem bro. the modem is also e303 just as mtn new fastlink so it should work.

      1. basolan says

        I have actually tried it.I bought ten credits and performed the operation.The software says it was a success and 4 credits was taken.I reran the software to check the modem status and realized it is still locked.I got in touch with dc unlocker`s support and they confirmed the glo e303 is not yet supported because of a customised firmware.My 4credits was returned.I am talking from experience.

  5. basolan says

    the message bellow is about huawei e303 glo modem

    From: DC Unlocker Forum
    Subject: New Private Message at DC Unlocker Forum
    Date: Friday, November 9, 2012, 9:12 AM


    Dear basolan,

    You have received a new private message at DC Unlocker

    Forum from Gintas, entitled “Re: unlocking customised


    To read the original version, respond to, or delete this

    message, you must log in here:

    This is the message that was sent:

    —Quote (Originally by basolan)—
    I also have another customised modem details
    Device E173z-1
    Device name: E303
    Application port: COM11
    Serial number: U9CBYA9252634239
    IMEI: 861862005997359
    Hardware Version: CH2E303SM
    Firmware Version:
    Software Version:

    any hope on this?
    —End Quote—
    Sorry, but these customized modems cannot be unlocked

    with DC-Unlocker.
    We need to work more on them. So, maybe someday in


    Again, please do not reply to this email. You must go to

    the following page to reply to this private message:

    All the best,
    DC Unlocker Forum

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      That’s quite weird because this trick worked for a friend, well i really can’t say maybe glo bolt e303 are of different firmware but nevertheless, when their is further updates am going to update it on this blog. Thanks sir.

      1. philip daze says

        Pls i need the Username and password, what is the procedure for payment.

        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          You can only fix a username, a password will be mailed to you after you have subscribed to the DC credits on dc-unlocker website.

  6. Victor Sunday says

    see na God go forgive the owner of glo… dem fink say market go move wen dem day produce bad market…tufiakwa….the glo bolt is really unlockable…guys make una no boda una self.

  7. kim irabor says

    please can i send you my modem imel number so you can help me unlock it

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      you will be needing the software for that, just follow the above instructions buddy.

  8. akeem says

    can you help me to buy the dc-unlocker credits as you said that 1 credit costs 1 euro,and 6 credit can you help to buy if i send the money in naria.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Contact me via my contact page and we’d talk more regarding that.

      1. christ says

        please how get or buy the credit cos i dont have a paypal account

        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          You can contact me via my contact page or call me directly via phone and we could sort that out.

  9. akeem says


  10. ibrahim ib gsm clinic gombe says

    Model : Huawei E303
    Firmware :
    Sorry the firmware is unlock able yet so dnt wast time buying credit for it

  11. iniobong says

    i just got this glo netpro modem Huawei E303
    the IMEI is :861862006156666
    can any good samaritan help to unlock it for me . . .or better still point me to where i can download a working software (e.g the latest DC unlocker that supports the modem)
    A Dc unlocker username and password loaded with credits
    this is my number: 08080501805, 08063078136

  12. ibrahim ib gsm clinic gombe says

    Model : Huawei E303
    Firmware :

  13. Kenneth says

    Can someone help me unlock my Glo bolt E303 usb modem? IMEI: 867648012494520 PLEASE……………….

    1. unique says

      41702649…insert another network sim..wen ask 4 unlock code, insert this no–41702649…enjoy…07065139440

  14. unique says

    Huawei E303
    Huawei E303s HiLink
    Huawei E352
    Huawei E353
    Huawei E355
    Huawei E357
    Huawei E367
    Huawei E368
    Huawei E369
    Huawei E372….just post d imei no….tnx…07065139440

    1. xanda says

      pls unlock it for me pals IMEI:867648012607634

  15. DOUBLE D says

    pls help me unlock my glo bolt moderm i dont have power for pay pal please you know se naija no use pay pal abeg help me here is my numbers flash i will call you 08181327552,08099376781. Thanks.

    1. sir rich says

      dc credit buy doesn’t support nigeria

      1. Adeniyi Samuel says

        they have dealers in Nigeria Sir, you can contact any of them or if you have a paypal account then you can buy the credit yourself

  16. akeem says

    Mr.Adeniyi Samuel pls there any solution for glo e303 modem for now … to unlock it.thax

  17. enoch says

    pls how do i decode my huawei 303 modem.imei 861862007792311

  18. xanda says

    Pls unlock this e303 modem for me pals IMEI:867648012607634

  19. uche says

    PLEASE someone with a real solution help, already tried various methods and softwares to unlock MTN huawei modem E303s-1, now i have only 5 times left instead of ten. Can someone help please…………. IMEI NO: 867648010371159. please…………………….

  20. jacob says

    to unlock is very simple you just need to download the universal unlock code

  21. Gracia says

    Pls I need help to unlock my Glo Huawei 303 modem.IME-86186200589776. Thank you. Grace

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Sorry Grace but there currently isn’t a way glo bolt modems can be unlocked now only MTN E303 modems can.

  22. Bamidele says

    Since one have to use internet connection to unlock the Hauwei E173, does it mean one have to use two modem for the process???

  23. haywhie says

    Pls can you help me unlock a glo modem E303 with IMEI: 861862006062500

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      GLO Bolt Modem presently cannot be unlocked pal. only mtn e303 modems using dc unlocker credits

  24. sir rich says

    nigeria is not in the drop down list of countries. i tried using another country and it says incorrect info.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Then make use of the dealers sir, there are Nigerian dealers there.

  25. ojiezele says

    imei for mtn : 868988010892146.

  26. darling ton. says

    Pls can the glo bolt modem E303 be unlocked now?pls I need help on how to unlock mine.thanks.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      For now no but investigations are still on about that.

  27. Rapsouldy says

    Av u find a solution to d globolt e303 pls

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Not yet buddy.

  28. jerry says

    Hey Adeniyi, I am having difficulties unlocking my huawei e303 modem with the cracked DC unlocker, what am i doing wrong?

  29. dj obans says


    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      As stated in the post above, you need to register and buy unlocking credit on dc unlocker website bro.

  30. Charan says

    Are there any possibilities to unlock the Huawei 303Ds-1 Modem??? Coz they r not getting unlocked in any aspect…

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Are they huawei or ZTE?

  31. skb says

    if i change the sim how will d engine go online?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      How do you mean pal.?

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