BlackBerry 8520 Unable To Play Content On Media Files, Here’s The Solution

Recently I shared an experience with you in one of my posts here which I talked about upgrading blackberry 8520(curve 2) os software and I talked basically about the advantage and disadvantage.

If you followed that post then you would have come across the major disadvantages where I mentioned that after the upgrade, I could no longer play music files neither was I able to watch video files and each time I clicked on a song or video file, it always displays ‘unable to play content‘.

I thought degrading the device operating system(OS) to its previous version would get it fixed but I could not have the time to fix that until my laptop windows get crashed through uninstalling one boost pc performance softwares which I also shared here and had to format my system hence losing all downloaded files and installed programs.

Today I decided to get it fixed as I believed there was definitely going to be a solution.

Solution To Unable To Play Content Error On BlackBerry Devices

First, let me point out that there are different solutions to the above problem as I found out on the internet but am basically going to point out what worked for me.unable to play content on bb 8520

First, I had to delete all my applications one after the other as the auto delete apps via security settings wasn’t working for me.

Secondly, I had to edit my browser settings since the major error always states: “Uncaught exception: A browser content provider for audio/mid MIME type has already been registered with the browser” every time my blackberry 8520 is turned on and after booting.

I had to go to my browser » Options » Browser Configuration » Untick Support Embedded Media and save.

After that, I did a hard reset by pressing alt + Right Shift + Del together which automatically reset my bb without removing the battery.

Now my music and video files are playing perfectly like it used to.

blackberry 8520 now playing media files

On the Blackberry support forum, it was stated that uninstalling whatsapp solves the problem and many other users proved it to have worked for them but I don’t have whatsapp installed on my blackberry 8520.

If you’re in same issues in relation to playing media files on your bb device as this then any of the above steps should get it working back for you.

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