GLO BlackBerry BIS No Longer Working On PC, Android, Ipad? Read This


It has been brought to my notice that the glo blackberry bis trick on pc is no longer working, more so, it no longer connects on other devices like android, ipad, tablets etc.

I actually got to know about this 2 days ago(17th of February), some complained it stopped connecting in the evening of that day and some complained it stopped working on the 18th which was yesterday and as funny as it may sound, some people claim their’s is still working.Now, looking at these factors critically, am not pretty sure whether or not this tweak has been blocked finally because I have not been using the tweak for a very long time now and that’s due to the fact that I was fed up of the network here, glo blackberry 3G service isn’t stable here, only EDGE connects at times and that made me ditch the network for MTN.

Glo BIS On PC No longer Connecting? Try These:

glo bb bis on pc

1. Try connecting using EDGE network: It could be some network problem with the glo 3G network so I’d recommend that you change your modem’s network settings to EDGE and try connecting.

2. It Could Be Network Issues: The fact that some people still claims that the tweak is still working for them could mean that it’s just network issues based on your location, you can just chill or switched over to MTN or airtel until its confirmed that it has been blocked.

3. Recharge Your GLO SIM: This could be another major factor to why its not working for you. Try and load your already subscribed sim with a minimum of N100 denomination and try again using 3G or try using EDGE.

Please Note: If after trying the 3 steps above and it still doesn’t connect, then you can wait till I make confirmations on whether or not the glo bis on pc, android, ipad tweak has been blocked.

Have you tried the above steps out? What’s the result based on your location? I mean, is the glo blackberry plan browsing for you on computer now for you? Please let us know using the comment form.

  1. joseph says

    I have tried every step. It’s still not working on android. It stopped since 17th Feb

  2. dr.obaid says

    it stopped working for me on 17 for few hrs, then again started working today suddenly while i was surfing surfing stopped working but torrents was working at low speed of around 200kbps was able to connect with vpn for surfing but even it stopped in an hour. any new tricks or way to make this trick work pls help was an awesome one,

  3. kenton says

    Same here. STopped getting the connection yesterday. Cameback for a while without working and then finally stopped working.

  4. christian says

    my is not connecting, i ave use edge and 3g on my andriod but yet nt connecting.have a minimum bal of 40 and 100

  5. ifedi says

    seriously, mine stopped since the morning of 18th. it doesn’t connect to data services at all using the APN.

  6. TheGuy WhoWantsIt Badly says

    Sam, seriously the shit isn’t working, my area waff town is blessd with 3g and 4g on all nkwrk provided ur toy can carry it. U can imagine i had to go instant surfing which cost me 100 bucks even while i still hv a Bis CoWeek wasting away. These BlackBerry people are being over fed with cheap internet plans while TheGuy WhoWants it Most is starved. This is INJUSTICE!!!! Most every one own a BB!!!!! I’ll fall sick if in 24hrs I dont connect! Plzzzzz do smthing….

  7. Chris Owen ABJ says

    Glo Bis on PC has stopped working… is not even connecting at all… it has been fantastic for me for about 2 months plus days but stopped on 17/2/13… i activate N1400 twice in a month .. due to the nature of my job… I wish I can see ISP that offer 2G for even 1500 i dont mind….

  8. Doreen says

    Plz do sumtin,my money is wasting

  9. dope says

    it works when yu use ur blackberry as a modem… but not when u use any other modem. dts d prob. der shld be a way around dat… any ideas??

  10. ifedi says

    too bad this is now a closed chapter. please is there any news so far?

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