How Do I Create My Own Blog And Drive Traffic To It?


Bros well done sir I just wanted to ask how I can create my own blog and start driving traffic to it. I would love to start blogging

That was the question a friend asked me via a social network some few days back, although am supposed to personally answer him on that but because of the fact that I do not want to keep repeating same thing over and over again every time someone asks me such questions, I decided to explain that exclusively here for everyone to read and learn from.

Basically based on the above topic, I already have some vital articles on this same blog that explains them although not all but I already have a post here which explains how to create a blog but to save you some time, I will just give a brief head start here on this post.

Now, looking at the question above, I am been asked two questions which are, 1. How do I create a blog, and 2. How do I drive traffic to my blog.

Yes, these are two different topics but are inter-related, its obviously one thing to start a blog of your own and its another thing to see your blog improve in terms of traffic infact driving traffic to your blog is the most difficult aspect.

1. Creating A Blog Of Your Own

create my own blog and get trafficThere are different blogging platforms on the internet with which you can start your blog but there are two basic and popular ones, blogger and WordPress.

Blogger is free to use, wordpress also has a free version but using the paid version is very much advised.

Creating A Blog Using Blogger

Blogger blogs are hosted by Google and does not require you paying any amount to start up, more so you get a free domain name which will look like or I.e when signing up your blog, the domain name or address you choose will always end up with instead of .com.

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Creating A Blog Using WordPress

WordPress has got two versions, the free wordpress platform which is hosted on and the advanced WordPress which runs on WordPress.Org. is free to create and you also get a free domain name that ends with but these has got lots of limitations especially the inability of monetizing the blog and that’s more reason you shouldn’t start with that. software is free but in this case, you need a web-hosting account of your own where you can install WordPress.

More Info, Read: Choosing A Web Hosting Company For Your WordPress Blog is the advanced blogging platform related to the latter(, it has got more features than the latter and even more than blogger and of course you can monetize and make money from your blog.

2. How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

drive traffic to your new blogThere are basically two ways you can drive traffic(visitors) to your blog which are, 1. Free, 2. Paid.

Free Traffic(visitors)

The free traffic method involves a lots of hard work ranging from marketing, use of social networks like Facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, digg etc, blog directories, SEO, free traffic from search engines like google, bing, ask etc.

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Paid Traffic(Visitors)

This method doesn’t require much hard work as you need do is spend the money in terms of advertising. There are loads of advertising agents or companies on the internet, Facebook advertising and Google via the use of google adwords happen to be part and some of the popular ones.

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So that’s it.

Hope this article here clearly answers your questions related to creating your own blog and driving traffic to it? Please if you do like to ask more questions related to this, please use the comment form below and I will definitely give you an answer the best way I can.

  1. Kabenlah Cudjoe says

    Blogger is a great platform for beginners and it’s simply easier to use too.

  2. Olakunle says

    Nice and insightful article. Well done, I’ll continue to check on this blog for more.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Thanks Olakunle

  3. Adeshokan Shamsudeen says

    While we have seen a couple of bloggers doing great on other blogging platform like blogger which is owned by Google, I still encourage and will opt for the self hosted WordPress blogging platform as the very sure way to go.
    Traffic on the other hand is an ongoing process and a very hard one to conquer, even the well established blogs still find room for improvement in this area. For a new beginners bloggers I would advice regular posting before anything else.

    Thanks for the educational post, Samuel Adeniyi.

  4. abdul says

    Dear moderator,
    I’d like to know how to make money blogging. I do have a blog site but don’t and haven’t made a dime from it.
    Please explain in abc.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Hello Abdul, making money from your blog isn’t an easy thing to come by. However, traffic is what matters the most. How much traffic(Visitors) you get to your blog on a daily basis strongly determines how much you ‘could’ make. Just a quick question, how much traffic do you get to your blog daily?

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