How Installing / Uninstalling Boast PC Performance Softwares Can Affect Your PC


If you are a frequent follower of my blog then you might have come to understand that I do love sharing most of my experience that fall within my blog’s kind of contents and today I do like to share with you an experience I had recently involving some kind of boast pc performance software.

Recently, I wanted to re-download orbit downloader to my hp compaq nc6220 laptop and decided to visit orbit’s official website at

While downloading the software, i got a recommended to download itune, it was also added that the itune software helps boast pc performance alongside side other functionality so I optioned in for it too.

After successfully downloaded both files, I realized that the itune software wasn’t free neither does it have a trial version, I thought about un installing it soon but since I had other things in mind to do on my laptop I decided to leave it for a while.boast pc performance software

I noticed some slight slow in my pc start up, I had a feeling it was caused by the boast pc performance software but still decided to let it stay a while.

Just recently, precisely a couple of days back, my pc start up went extremely slow and this time I made up my mind to completely remove the software from my system via the control panel.

While performing this task, I noticed the un-installation was taking too long than usual but just had to wait, after successfully uninstalled, I kept on browsing only to encountered a windows file error and I was asked to fix the windows cd to fix it.

Where can I get the window files cd from‘ I asked myself and decided to shut down, maybe doing that would help fix the system window files in order but it was a different bargain.

I turned on my pc only to see an error that reads thus: windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \system32\hal.dll
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

Which clearly states that the windows system file was affected when I uninstalled the boast pc performance software.

Please do not get me wrong, Boast PC Performance software are not totally a bad idea but its best you should always be careful with the kind of files you download to your pc to avoid losing all your system files and more.

Hope this helps?

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