How To Make Money Weekly On 2go Messenger Network?


Yesterday a reader on this blog sent me a message via my contact page asking how to make money weekly on 2go messenger, his message reads thus:

Am from nigeria,please i want your help in getting an information for me. The information is on a chatting application named 2go, and their website is The information is that through this application you can be getting 7500 naira weekly into your bank account. So that what i need your help on. Whether you people can help me get how to do this. Thanks waiting for your quick reply on this.

And I immediately replied him thus:

Getting N7500 into your account via 2go? Nah, haven’t heard about that buddy.

That was the simple answer I gave him but then, I still did some speculations and thinking only to realize nothing like that exists and all info on the internet regarding the above topic requests that people pay some amount of money to get the information which I really do think its just a way of scaming anxious people of their money.

Further Speculations To Making Money On 2go Messenger

In other to specifically get facts in relation to this, you will need to apply some sense of thinking, questions and answers.

First, how does 2go team themselves make money from the application?

make money on 2go messengerYou and I know that 2go is free to download and use, the only place where you are required to spend your credits are in terms of buying 2go credits, 2go account verification, retrieving your 2go account details(there’s even a way of doing this for free which I disclosed here). There isn’t a place in the software where you are required to go and pay money into their account or anything else outside the use of your phone and their rate in Nigeria is basically around N30.

Yes, I understand that the team might have indulged in some deals with mobile network providers so that they get paid via users credits after all, 2go team recorded that they have had over 10millions users and more users are still registering on the network everyday so they are obviously making some cool cash but is that enough to start giving to users without them been a part of the team?

Believe me friend, any money making idea you find online that require less or no work on your part is not real, if such deals exist and legal I myself wouldn’t be stressing myself out to make money online.

Summary: Please do not be deceived by those information marketers claiming that you can make some cool money via 2go messenger on your phone, all these aren’t real, they are just scams and trying to fraud you of your money, I advice that you do not fall victims to such hypes.

If such exists, then let someone drop the info here for free via the comment and I will apologize and make reference to you as the author but until then, making money into your account via chatting on 2go messenger app is not real, please be warned!

  1. EBIMA says

    When i saw d topic i was quick to read it,but thank God u cleared my doubt now,cos i knew making money on 2go can never be real,thanks to u sam

  2. Israel says

    I just love you. You are simple and sincere in your dealings.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Thanks brother, I’d believe a good name is better than riches.

  3. gift adievughware says

    pls help cause dy hve play me 419 enough i realy need ur help me and the good lord will bless u more and more amen

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      So sorry about that buddy but sincerely speaking, i dont know how you would want me to be of help in a case as this.

  4. peter says

    Pls Samuel can u highlight me how sumone can make money on Facebook……..and secondly i ve a blog but don’t no hw too activate it……will love too read ur mail soon

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      You can actually make money from Facebook through affiliates, referrals and stuffs like that. You have a blog but dont know how to activate it? What platform is that?

  5. peter says

    Pls can u put me through on hw i can make money on facebook……i created my blog though Google via my gmail address

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