My Journey Today In Affordable Phones Nigeria Limited Ikeja


Too many times I have always referred to affordable phones ng in my posts especially when the post is related to mobile devices, prices or shops where devices are sold and can be bough from but the truth is, today happened to be the first time I am buying a product from the shop which is situated at ikeja, Lagos state.

First, let me make the lines straight, my experience today with affordable wasn’t a good one, am sorry but after what happened to me today, I might be having a second thought towards going to the shop again or directing someone there.

The Journey Today At Affordable Phones Nigeria LTD

Truly, this shop happens to be one of the shops you can buy mobile products at affordable price and that speaks for the name but most of these products I wouldn’t describe as best.

It all started last night when I decided to buy a blackberry playbook device and did some research and enquires and the said shop had the device at the most affordable rate(cheapest price).

This morning been the 27th day of February 2012 at around 10am I set out to purchase the blackberry playbook device with the mind that I won’t be taking long and guess what, I went with an empty stomach been the type that do not really enjoy eating too early.

Arriving at the shop in ikeja, I went to the receptionist and asked for what I wanted, I got the device and paid for it but before I left there, I tested the playbook device but it wasn’t powering on. I laid the complain but I was told to charge it first that could be the cause, oh yes I believed it because I was quite positive that the device might have ran totally out of battery.

affordable phones nigeria ikeja office

I went to a friend’s company which is close to the shop although this friend’s company deals mainly on sales of computers and not mobiles, my intention of going there was basically to make use of their wireless network in downloading the playbook’s OS(operating system) software because that is a necessity before you can use the device.

Plugged the device to a power source for almost an hour but the blackberry playbook still wasn’t powering on so I had to return it.

The staffs at affordable phones ng are gentle in terms of how they respond to customers yes but at same time, they do not take most customer case as priority (may be there are some kind of ‘I know him very well so his case is emergency than yours who had been here earlier‘ kinda style), well that’s not new, most people do that.

Let me ask you a question, when a customer buys a product from you in less than an hour ago and even before he/she left there wasn’t proves that what he/she bought was working and she returned it claiming it wasn’t working, what would you do, try and change it right?

I believed it wouldn’t take time to be changed but guess what, I had to wait in their customer care unit for roughly 5 hours before the device was finally changed. Imagine going to affordable at about 10am and returning home 6pm in the evening with an empty stomach.

During the time I was waiting in the customer care unit, I witnessed loads of complains by customers complaining of what they had bought the previous day although their major complains were basically on bb devices, I didn’t find anyone with an android issue or related.

I must confess, I wasn’t happy with the way business was treated there today, I even had to confess this to the receptionist that I used to always talk about affordable phones ng on my posts but I never knew this was how they run their business and she apologized.

Summary: Please let me set this clear, indeed affordable phones Nigeria limited prices of products are truly affordable and yes they have got lots of customers and issues to take care of but they should sort customer issues one by one and not leaving one unfinished for another one.

Btw, I just hope I enjoy my Blackberry playbook which I bought brand new with its pack but with the complains I saw today ummmmmm I just hope it lasts for me o.

In my subsequent posts, I will be writing on my experience using the blackberry playbook device hence if you do not want to miss that, I would advice you stick to

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