Unlocking Airtel Huawei E173u USB Data Card Modem Online Without Software


First of all I’d like to apologize for not posting the trick to unlocking Airtel Huawei USB E173u Data Card Modem before now as most readers of this blog have been inquiring how and I have always promised to post it, hope am not late and hope you will forgive me for not posting it in time.

Please do not get bothered with the term ‘data card‘ its same thing with the word ‘modem‘. More so, the basic reason why I will be using the Airtel E173u modem here as the case study is because that’s actually the kind of modem I use and I only post tips I have tried out successfully and am currently using my cracked E173 USB data card on my PC with other Sim without any problem.

Requirement To Unlocking Airtel Huawei E173 Modem

Like I have stated in the title of this post, this tip doesn’t require you using any software rather it requires you unlocking it online.

Like I have earlier stated in a post I wrote regarding unlocking most huawei modems, you just need to get the unlock code via the USB Modem’s IMEI number unlike zte modems that require softwares like DC-Unlocker and sorts.


1. Your Airtel E173u IMEI number
2. Internet Connection On Your PC or Mobile Device
3. A Laptop Or Personal Computer.

my airtel modem


  • First, insert your modem into the USB port Of Your PC with another network sim card in it.
  • Wait for the interface to come up and you will be asked to enter the unlock code, Airtel E173 data card usually gives a trial code of 10.

airtel huawei e173u-2 interface



  • Next, visit Huawei Data-card Unlocking Page here and Enter your USB Modem’s IMEI Number(15 digits) in the imei input box provided and click Calculate.

huawei modem unlocker


  • Copy the unlock code(8 digits) because that’s basically what you will be needing.
  • Navigate back to your Airtel data card interface and type in that unlock code and click Unlock.

You have successfully unlocked your Airtel E173u modem without paying a single dime.

airtel usb e173u data card interface
Using my unlocked Airtel E173u-2 modem with glo sim on pc

Can this tip work in Unlocking Other Models Of Airtel USB data cards?

Well, like I earlier stated, I use the above kind of modem(E173u-2)and the above tip was how I unlocked mine, whether or not this tip can unlock other models like E172, E1731, E173cs-1, E1150 etc is what I really cannot ascertain but I would advice you give this tip a try, if its same huawei type of modem then it should work and at same time I would love to hear your feedback via the comment form.

  1. victor says

    i think d airtel guyz r nw using all d 10 trials so as 2 prevent unlocking…wot can we do as remedy..cant use another sim

    1. dinesh says

      unlock your new modem(2013 modls) @ rs 200 only
      . unlock codes @ rs 50

      contact k.k.dineshbabu@gmail.com

  2. Bamidele says

    Good day, I visited the HUAWEI MODEM UNLOCK CODE CALCULATOR and i got the needed codes. But while i inserted the Airtel Huawei E173u-2 Modem, it gave me the following comment “INVALID SIM DETECTED. PLEASE CONTACT CUSTOMER CARE.”

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      In this case you will be needing a DC-Unlocker account with credit to be able to unlock that because that modem is obviously a new one from airtel unlike mine that am still using now and unlocked for totally free using the above tutorial.

  3. JAson statham says

    It’s true Bamidele, All these kind of techniques are not successful they can provide temporary results but not permanent, There are many unlocking experts available on the internet, They can provide you best solution.

  4. isaac dievwiere says

    guys pls any new update on how unlock this huawei-e173u-2 moderm,

  5. ebuka says

    Please i have exausted the unlock trial counts of 10.please help me,can it be unlocked again?=Airtel E173u-2,imei:867749018505358,S/N:ADABYA92C2402174

  6. Jon Don says

    Pls help me with the unlock code for E173u-2 Airte with IMEI:867749012261131 & s/n:ADABYA9280818006

  7. tolu abdullah says

    please my bros well done indeed more power to your elbow. but this modem in question does not request for any unlocking code interface. what is the way out.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Use DC-unlocker with credits in it.

  8. June says

    This is Miss June from Crius Co.,Ltd which specialized in 3g modem,module and router with high quality and competitive price.OEM&ODM are supplied.Hope to cooperate with you.pls mail to june09.mao@gmail.com or chat on skype june50759

  9. mwekala says

    Oppps!The solution didn’t work!

  10. Uche Francis says

    Hello Samuel the links are not hyperlinks. Pls help with the link to the website you are referring to. The Hawei Etisalat Modem i have been making use of suddenly got missing and i just got this wicked one today and have being trying to crack it since morning. Sadly enough the DC cracked version used before is gone. This one Airtel Hawei E173u-2.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Here it is buddy: http://a-zgsm.com/freecode/

  11. Jacob Kinyunyu says

    i need you help on this. i need to unlock my modem E173

  12. hillary says

    How to unlock my E173u-2 pls help

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Hillary, the information on the post above will aid you.

  13. Hillary says

    Brother please when i buy the airtel E173u-2 modem, the 10 trial attempt unlock code was finish by them who sell it to me, so noting remain for me to try again, what should i do? To make it unlock again pls

  14. Daniel Marshall says

    I have followed the steps above, yet my modem not unlocking. When plugged in, it return invalid sim card detected.
    the model is: E173u-1 IMEI: 863617020390644
    Unlock Code = 34745171
    Flash Code= 65180397

  15. Linda Adwubi says

    you didn't add the online site for huawei modem unlocker.

  16. Kobby says

    where is the site to calculate the IMEI unlocking code

  17. Kobby says

    I have try the steps by didn’t work for me.
    Please help unlock my huawei modem E173u-2
    IMEI: 867612005317544

  18. monfred says

    pls av exceeded the 10 times trial pls any way out

  19. femi says

    pls help me to unlock this modem. info: imel 867749015337888. model: E173u-2. s/n: ADABYA92B0516513. THANKS FRIENDS

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