2 Reasons Why Upgrading From Windows XP service Pack 2 To SP 3 Is Important

Recently I encountered problems with my laptop window system files which I shared here on this blog and after the repairs had been made by the engineer, I realized that windows xp service pack 2 was what he installed.

Before the problem came up, my laptop had been running on windows xp service pack 3 which has been working pretty well for me been the type who is not so much into updating to what’s on vogue.

Quite alright, the service pack 2 was working pretty well for me in relation with the software I usually use in surfing on my pc and been the type who is more into surfing than downloading, I didn’t notice anything too soon.

At a point in time I needed to make sure of a software which I would describe to be useful but after downloading and trying to install, it was stated that the software requires windows xp sp3 or higher before the installation can be done and this was same on other useful softwares I needed.

Upgrading From Windows XP Service Pack 2 to Service Pack 3 is Important

upgrade windows xp service pack 3

1. Security Updates: On July 13 2010, Microsoft officially stopped supporting service pack 2 and no longer release security update for that version, hence if you care about security and your privacy it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to service pack 3.

2. Limitations In The Use Of Software: Just like the story I had gave earlier, most software developers have deviated from allowing win xp sp2 users to use their softwares except sp 3 operating system and above.

Amongst the above reasons I have stated there are still many more, but the two (2) I have listed are the basics.

Its quite understandable that most PC users have resorted to using windows Vista, windows 7 and the likes but for pcs with lower processors and cannot work with those operating systems, its strongly advised that you stick to windows sp 3 so that you do not lower your pc speed or cause damage to it files.

Hope this helped?

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  1. Ismaila A. Jonathan says:

    Yeah bro. My new Avira antivirus does not support XP pack2; so also portable receipt printers used in banks.

  2. Then I guess it’s time to upgrade my Windows computer’s OS.

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