Can I Make Money Online From Taking Online Surveys As A Nigerian?


Am pretty sure you might have asked yourself if you could make money online from taking, completing or engaging in online surveys as a Nigerian and you probably might have stumbled over various answers on the internet that leaves you with the doubt of which or who to believe. Buddy,the best way to find out is by trying it out yourself but still yet, am just going to go ahead and give you my own answer.

Please bear in mind that I personally have tried out lots of surveys on the internet including the local and international surveys hence my response here is based on self experience.

Is Making Money From Taking Online Surveys Real?

There are two answers to this, YES/NO! Yeah, I know I sounded confusing there but do not worry, I will break it down to make you understand why I choose those answers.

I said Yes making money from taking or completing online surveys is real because they exist but making money from this as a Nigerian is next to No or No rather.make money online from taking online surveys

Please bear in mind that I choose No based on my personal experience more so, I have got some reasons while it is ‘nearly’ impossible to make legitimate money as a Nigerian from these.


  •  High Paying Surveys Are Country Based: Most high paying online surveys are based on country or residence and majority of them are targeted to United states, United Kingdom(UK), Canada citizens.
  • Limited Number Of Surveys: Quite Alright, most companies offering online surveys service accept Nigerians in their network but at same time, they tend to limit the number of surveys a Nigerian could complete thereby leading to you been stock in the middle.
  • Inability To Reach PayOut Threshold: This happens to be one of the basic factor why its nearly impossible to make money as a Nigerian from surveys and the above two factors contribute greatly to this. How? Some few high paying online surveys do accept Nigerians on their system or network but at same time, they get limited in the number of surveys to take, now tell me, if you do not get enough surveys to take or participate in to reach the payout threshold what do you do? You are stock and there is no way you will receive payments without reaching the company’s payment threshold.
  • Payout System: Believe me buddy, almost all international companies on the internet uses paypal in their payment system and as you know Paypal does not accept Nigerians in their system. Yes I know there is a way around opening and verifying a paypal account in Nigeria but a simple mistake could get your account frozen and you end up losing all your money in it.

So my dear friend, like I stated earlier making money from engaging in online surveys is real but its nearly impossible to make something meaningful from it as a Nigerian.

To Aid my international readers, on my subsequent posts, I will be listing some high paying survey companies that pay high dollars to participate on their system.

  1. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    Thanks for the enlightenment bro. But, is there any other way to make money online? So many people are making noise about it ; or are they scammers?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yes there are ways to make money online but all requires hard work and dedication, if they say its very easy please take the next flight away because it could be scam.

  2. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    ok I am ready. Once it TRULY generates money. Only useless things come for free.

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