Current Price Of Blackberry Playbook In Nigeria(16GB, 32GB, 64GB)


Following my post where i talked about my experience today at affordable phones nigeria limited, i stated there that i bought the blackberry playbook from there and i did not state the price with which i bought the device but readers and friends have been asking me how much i got the PB device and i have decided to share it here for everyone to know and others who are also interested in knowing.

First and foremost, the blackberry playbook device comes in different memory capacity and thus with different prices. Its basically of three different memory types, the 16GB, 32GB and the 64GB.

Most people do think there is something extra in the varies outside the memory but the truth is no, they are all the same in terms of everything including functionality, the only difference is the memory capacity i.e 16GB, 32GB, 64GB even the body size of the playbook are same.

It depends on what your use of the blackberry playbook is or will be that determines the memory capacity that is suitable for you.

I personally,i use the 16GB blackberry playbook not because that’s what i want but because i could not get the 32GB that day but even with that, i still got like 8GB free memory remaining on my device since i basically use the PB for browsing and watching movies. What about music? I got loads of songs on my phones. Yeah, two phones actually with different memory cards making a total of like 4GB, i guess that’s enough for me to save all my songs *smiles*.

Current Price Of BlackBerry PlayBook In Nigeria Based On Memory Capacity

blackberry playbook price in nigeria

Affordable Phones Nigeria Limited still offers the cheapest prices and the products are brand new because that’s where i actually purchased mine.

As at when posting this, the 16GB Blackberry playbook at affordable phonesng costs N31,000, the 32GB PB costs N38,000 while the 64GB PB memory capacity costs N43,000, although as at when i purchased mine, they had only the 16GB available in stock at the ikeja branch.

This Device as at when posting this, is not available on slots Nigeria limited hence no prices can be specified.

On, Based on the ongoing discount on jumia, the 16GB sells for N38,500, the 32GB sells for N48000 while the 64GB sells for N45000.

On, the 16GB currently costs N38500, the 32GB and 64GB are currently not available at jumia.

That’s the various current prices of the blackberry playbook device in Nigeria, the choice of store to purchase from totally depends on you.

In my subsequent posts, i will be writing on my experience with the blackberry playbook and also how to use android apps on the pb device.

  1. Ibrahim Abdullahi says

    Nice gadget you got yourself friend. But i think BBPlaybook browse only using wifi.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Not with only WiFi Ibrahim, i surf well with my bb smartphone on the playbook via bridge.

  2. Anonymous says

    can I surf the net with bye playbook with my bye smart phone.

    1. cupid says

      yes u can browse on the playbook with ur smart phone through teetering with Bluetooth and if u have blackberry phone u can browse too with ur bis at no extra cost with the blackberry bridge. i have 64gb playbook and i never for once regret buying it.

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