Facebook Identify Tagged Photo Of Friends Verification Process, Here Is A Tip


Following the post where i had discussed on Facebook account locked verification process, there have been comments and mails stating that facebook is requesting to identify tagged photos of friends as the only verification procedure shown to them before they can recover there account.

Based on my own experience, i have always thought that fb usually gives more than one verification process and in most cases, they tend to request the user to log in from a device he/she has used before in accessing the account without problem before the account can be unlocked but based on the comments and emails, it seems that option is not available to everyone and this actually made me asked for the account details of one of my blog readers for me to verify and Yes, there wasn’t another option other than verifying tagged friends photos.

Facebook Verification To Identify Tagged Photos Of Friends

For someone who have got quite a huge number of friends, its obviously next to impossible for he/her to be able to identify all his friends via their photo after all, most users on Facebook do upload photos of their friends, loved ones or pictures that totally isn’t theirs Seriously, i wonder why Facebook had to put up a process as this as the only option for most users.

Here Is The Tip

In other to be able to successfully verify your fb account considering the fact that identifying tagged photos or pictures of friends is the only option available, you just need to apply some thoughts and action.

But then there are some things to note:

1. Facebook will not show you a photo of someone who is not on your friends list.

2. Facebook will not show you pictures of animals, objects etc so you should not be scared huh.

3. Facebook in rare cases might show up a tagged photo of a friend which might not be his/her real photo.

4. Success in this trick is just around 40%(this totally depends on you, kinda friends and your number of friends).

Having all that in mind, let’s roll on.

First, you will need the help of a friend or someone who is on your account friends list. Secondly, you will need two devices(computer preferred) and Thirdly, you will need a very fast internet connection.

Now, log into your friends account or have your friend log into his/her account on one device and log into your own device on another device.

If identify friends photos is still the only option in unlocking your fb account then choose to proceed.facebook identify tagged friends photo

When displayed a photo you do not seem to recognize, Facebook gives name options for you to choose from, now via your friends account, view your account friends list to see if you can recognize the tagged picture and if no, try using the search friends bar(the one located on your profile) to search for the usernames Facebook showed up for the tagged picture in other to identify the tagged photo.facebook search friends verification

Please note: You have 5 pictures to identify out of which you can skip only two, more so, please be aware that you need to be very fast with this trick because Facebook usually give time interval and if you aren’t fast, you will be notified.

Hope this helps

  1. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    This trick is nice but will be extremely tedious for 98% of facebook users because they do have many friends as high as 300. Moreover, an average person on facebook has a total photo of 25. Now, how easy would it be to search through 300 * 25 photos? As a point of correction, I once tried to help someone her password but facebook showed a picture of flowers among the pictures used for the test.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      thanks Jonathan for the clarification, i actually haven’t experienced an object been shown instead of a picture, in respect to identifying the pictures, its just a matter of luck and like i said on this post, chances of success are just around 40%, it just a tip that i know might help.

      1. Storme says

        I’m currently locked out of my account even though I’ve confirmed my mobile number. I’m being showed a lot of pictures that either aren’t the person, are a group of people or are a random object like snow or a table.
        I still can’t get into my account. OTL

  2. Shantana Borah says

    sir,my account was temporarily locked it is not about 1 acount.when my old account was locked i open a second one but within 2 month the 2 nd one is also locked.but sir my account is not show on my friend's acount which are on my account friends list

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Then am afraid sir, there’s nothing you can do outside sending a message and that is if they will reply you.

  3. Allison says

    Do you know how many times you are allowed to try this? Or is it limitless and will just keep showing you more pictures?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      no i do not think its limitless, you can always log out and try again.

  4. Vinnie says

    You know what’s funny about this? There are some p**n pages that never get blocked on fb, But when it’s us people doing no harm they do this.

  5. King Raj says

    listen dear I have same problem but the option of idenfty your photo is lock I can;t u click to go a head how can I unlocked that.

  6. Prince Debbarma says

    Facebook are making a account verify method new options .
    Photo tagging option, it is a totally depending only luck. what a rabis. Facebook go to hall

  7. Babatunde says

    My facebook account has been blocked for 30days pls help me

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Am sorry friend but i do not think there is anything you can do until the 30 day validity

  8. Richi Wakler says

    Photo Verification…. this is an album of photos collected by myself to show how much this Photo verification process is flawed… I honestly think they use this method as a way to force you into revealing your issued ID details thus finalizing your data in the data base…. Combine Facebook (FB) with Instagram (I) not saying that’s the way it is but with everything they try to hide it wouldn’t suprise me if the Facebook/Instagram team have an agenda with our data… after all how many other joint company’s would unofficially appear as the FB/I …………………… just a thought but check out my photo album of “Photo verification options” https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151443514776087.1073741824.720091086&type=1&l=e6f13e31ac

  9. Shasha says

    Heyya. Uhm, I created my facebook on the first week and started receiving too many friend requests so I just accepted em all. Now my account is locked and I have to identify the pictures of my friends. I could not do whats written in your tip because I can’t access my facebpok friends list through any of my friends account. I think facebook has blocked the visibility of my account. What shall I do now? Please help me. πŸ™‚

  10. ayo smart says

    mr adeniyi samuel,i tried wat u said about photo verification it still did’t work,the funniest tins is facebook is given me an unknown friend pic to verfiy…… i need a favour if u could help me with the verficaton method(my password will be given to u) ,i will be patience. thank u

  11. Maria says

    Well this tips sux for most of people who happen to be traveling and have no access to two computers and whatnot.

  12. waxi says

    Someone May Have Accessed Your Account

  13. waxi says

    Dear Adeniyi,

    My Facebook id is hacked but my hotmail account is fine i am trying to log in facebook this message appear “Someone May Have Accessed Your Account” i have reset through my email account subit my identity photo and email to facebook team still is not working i want my facebook back kindly help me out to do somthing or take my fb account details and check wht you can do for mr plzz help

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Did you try clicking “i know about this” and after regaining your account, quickly change the password.

  14. Anant Kashyap says

    I have same problem but the option of idenfty your photo is lock I can;t u click to go a head how can I unlocked that.

  15. Waxi says

    Dear I have already changed my msn pasword but what about fb account I can’t access some body changed my fb pasword plz take my account details n kindly open it I will b really thankful to u πŸ™

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      I don’t think i can really help in this case as am really not a Facebook staff but i do suggest you look into the topics via http://www.trueinternetworld.net/category/menu-1/facebook-infos and select which one fits into the kinda problem you are experiencing and perhaps, you’d be able to get it right but if you insist i check your account out then you can send me your details via my contact page. hope that’s fair enough πŸ™‚ ?

  16. Ricky Martin says

    My real name is the name of a famous singer, so one day they decided that I’m a “fake.” Without warning, I was locked-out and I’ve been unable to access my account since I can’t pass the photo test. Well, this is one idea, but the problem comes when you have a lot of friends and they tend to tag insane things. For example, on these three of five exams I’ll usually get three or four that are photos of soap, bottles of shampoo, dogs, cats, farm animals, posters, children, parties where the tagged person if the size of a pencil eraser, etc. Crazy things! One time I was sure I had it–almost 100 percent sure. It said I took too long (I think they do that just to make you angry). So now I’m trying the ID card route and who knows how long that will take. Here in the United States we have something called the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that requires companies to comply (even on their web sites) with people who may have handicaps. I don’t see how this Facebook “test” complies with the federal law and the ADA. If they don’t open my account soon, I’m going to file an ADA complaint against Facebook for their “test” with the federal government that alleges they are violating Website Accessibility under Title II of the ADA. If you are older, have a handicap, wear glasses, etc, I urge you to file a complaint against Facebook under the ADA, Title II. When they get the federal complaint, at least they’ll know my real name is “Ricky Martin”

  17. chinedu sunday says

    my facebook has been blocked and when i tried to login i do see verify photos of your friends and i have many friends that i do not know there pictures.please sir help me i have tried all i could but it it is not working.help me even if it requires me sending my details so that u can access it for me i will do it.

  18. is there any option to recover your page of lost old facebook id which blocked due to this problem? how I made admin of that page?

  19. rito hasan says

    rito hasan is my FB id name but it blocked at 26/10/2013.I very upset about this. plz someone help me how I open my fb id without verify photo ,plz help me ,who solve my problem I will give him/her 100tk as prize ………………. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  20. Alex says

    yeah they fixed your work around now it shuts down the account till u get it right! πŸ™

  21. anita roy says

    plz help me

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Hello Anita, i wouldn’t know how exactly you would want help because i have posted all the tips you need to know on this post. Please scroll up and read through the content and all related content.

  22. Terry says

    I have all my 100 friends in the original email to compare the photos to over half the pics are kids pics and other random stuff pets ill just make a new account and re add everyone

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