How To Access Spam And Other Folders On Yahoo Mail Mobile Version

Recently it has come to my notice that most people still find it difficult to access other folders like spam, trash, sent folders on the mobile version of their yahoo mail box, they still believe that those files can only be accessed when you are on PC which is not true.

Yesterday I actually requested for a file from a friend and he told me he had sent it, since I was on mobile I checked my email address and understanding the fact that the Inbox page is the first page that is shown to the account owner, I couldn’t find it on the inbox page hence I replied the guy stating that I didn’t see it not knowing it was diverted to my spam folder.

Ordinarily, finding the spam folder is not that easy to reach but this clearly depends on the device tho but this tutorial works with all devices provided it opens the mobile version of yahoo mail website.

Without wasting much of your time, let me just head straight to the subject matter.

Accessing Spam and Other Folders On Yahoo Mail Mobile

First, using your mobile phone browser, type into the address bar and you will be redirected to the mobile version of yahoo mail.

Click on mail which is located at the top right side of the page and log in your yahoo account details.

When logged into your account, Click on Folders which is located right on top of the inbox messages and from there you can see all the folders associated with your account.

access folders on yahoo mail mobile version

From there you can access your other folders like draft, sent, spam, trash folders, the conversation folder contains your yahoo messenger messages which are your chat conversations.

Hope this tutorial helped in aiding you access your folders anytime via your mobile without having to go on a computer when trying to reach other folders on your account?

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