MTN And Glo Current BlackBerry BIS Data Cap Allocated, How True?


Recently, I have been receiving news from different sources stating that MTN Blackberry BIS which used to be unlimited now has a data cap that’s been allocated.

And just today, earlier this morning a follower on my twitter handle disclosed to me that glo weekly blackberry bis now has a data cap of 200MB.

First, for the sake of those who might not really understand what data cap is, it simply means limitations in data usage.

Now, how true is this? Please Let’s analyzes together.

MTN BlackBerry BIS Data Cap Allocation

News has it that MTN BIS weekly plan now has a data allocation of 600MB while the monthly plan has an allocation of 3GB and some news also has it that the monthly is 200MB which of course still works on PC, android and other devices but despite all that, am currently subscribed to MTN monthly bb subscription and I have been using this for over 3 weeks now although I no longer do much of downloads but I surf with the sim most times on my laptop via my unlocked airtel modem and as at the time of posting this, browsing on pc still works with the sim. Am very much sure I have exhausted over 3GB so how then can it be true that there’s a data cap allocated more so, I didn’t find any news pertaining to this on the MTN Official BlackBerry Subscription Page nor when trying to check subscription status.

MTN blackberry BIS data capped

If you have been using the MTN BIS on your device and it stopped working before your expiration date, I would recommend you recharge your account with a minimum of N100 and try surfing again but I strongly believe that what MTN applied is what is termed as ‘Fair Usage‘, which means downloading loads of large files or consuming too much data will stop your service from running.

GLO BlackBerry BIS Data Cap Space

When I received the news from a twitter follower earlier this morning, I reached down to GLO Official Blackberry service info Page and saw that it was still stated ‘unlimited‘ which initially isn’t true. Before now, Glo Blackberry week gives 700MB while the monthly plan gives 3GB but just this evening, somebody else notified me that GLO weekly BB subscription now have a data cap of 200MB, the monthly data space have not been confirmed yet.

According to him, if you send status to 777 you will be clearly told that you have 200MB data allocated.

Summary: The Data Allocation On MTN BB Packages has not be really confirmed at least not by the MTN Team as at now, what I think was applied is ‘Fair Usage’.

In respect to GLO, the data cap is confirmed via subscription status but it has not yet been adjusted on the official website page(well, maybe they’ve abandoned the page because it has been false info there for long now).

GLOBACOM are definitely going to lose loads of customers if they do not adjust their data space to something better than before, at least one thing I know for sure now is, they have loosed one customer already and that’s me.

  1. Ibrahim Abdullahi says

    I download the hell out of my MTN BIS and my service is still active. If i experience any of these problems, I’m joining Airtel since they have the best network in my area.

  2. Olakunle says

    Truely, mtn bIS is confusing. Mine works even without vpn and I’ve downloaded more than 6gb. But some folks aren’t lucky because their sim stop browsing both on bb and with vpn, perhaps because they use direct browsing

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Guess you are lucky but there is a trick now tho.

  3. Olakunle says

    I’m certainly aware of the trick: 2*

    1. fifty_badt_guy says

      wetin b the trick abeg, this dudes wan slash all ma money finish

  4. John says

    I can confirm officially that MTN has had network challenges lately but for a fact they sent me this message
    “Now you can subscribe to Blackberry Complete from MTN for only N1,000 or BB Absolute for N1,500 monthly!Text BIS or BBC to 21600 for BB Absolute or BB Complete”
    I’m tired of this crap cause I’m a swift downloader I’v got MTN, Glo & Etisalat lines which should I opt for now?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Etisalat still offers unlimited data plan for the bb device pal.

      1. seyi says

        Doesn’t work with wordpress tho, etisalat I mean

        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          How do you mean Seyi, please elaborate.

  5. Olawunmi says

    It is real. They actually have a data cap. My bis is still active as at now but my bundle has been exhausted. Called mtn call center and they confirmed it. Its annoying tho.

  6. Kamaldeen Tantolohun says

    I’ve been using Glo ever since I started using BB. They were given 3Gb for Comonth before but its 1Gb now. Guys, 1) Is MTN is unlimited? 2) Can their BB plan works with Modem?
    Pls let me know cos I’m tired of managing data…

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      MTN plan is now 3GB and it can be used with a modem, perhaps i heard glo comonth has been returned back to 3GB although i will confirm that today

  7. fortunate says

    guy; am in porthacourt, how can i get the magic sim to purchase here..pls send me reply via my e-mail

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Hello Fortunate, have you read this post ? its talks on the latest update pertaining to the mtn magic sim.

  8. Damilare says

    Please I need to know the plans for bis on all networks in nigeria

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Hello Dami, please make use of the search box on this blog. I already got information about that on their respective posts.

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