Seo Quake : My Best Mozilla FireFox SEO Add -On Extension Plugin


Been a webmaster and a great fan of mozilla firefox browser, seo quake has been one of my best seo(search engine optimization) add-on plugins i have used in easing my work and finding web page data easily.

What Is SEO Quake?

Just as the name implies, seo which is full meaned to be search engine optimization sure works like it ought to do. Although it doesn’t mean that the plugin does all your works but it sure safes you some time and stress.

Features Of SEO Quake Extension Add-On

If you are conversant with seo then most terms am going to be taking about here shouldn’t be new to you but if you are not well known to seo yet don’t worry, i will try and explain the terms.

seo quake add-on extension for mozilla firefox

1. Easily Discover Web Page PageRank: With the use of seo quake plugin, you can easily find the google pagerank of a particular web page, website or blog without leaving the page. What is PageRank? Google PageRank which is abbreviated to be PR, is the current ranking for a particular page and this ranges from 1-10.

2. Easily Discover Web Page Alexa Rankings: Alexa Rank shouldn’t be new to you if you are conversant with seo, alexa ranking just as the name implies, tells the current alexa rank for a website or blog. With the use of seo quake, you can easily see the current alexa rank of the page without navigating.seo quake extension in action on google search page

3. Easily Discover Total Social Shares For A Web-Page: Seo quake also allows you to easily find the total number of facebook likes and twitter tweets for a particular web-page.

There are more amazing features of the seo quake but there’s one then tend to stand out and that’s:

4. Easily Discover Dofollow and NoFollow links: Yes, with seo quake installed on your mozilla firefox browser and the nofollow feature enabled, you can easily detect links that are nofollow and dofollow on a web and this is essential for webmasters in terms of search engine optimization.

What More?

As at when posting this, i haven’t really tried out loads of plugins on my firefox browser neither have i tried out much seo plugins because i do not want to overdo lol but am pretty cool with this add-on plugin.

How To Download SEO QUAKE Add-ON

Do you want to use the aswesome seo plugins? Click on your firefox menu bar and navigate to Add-Ons, type in the keyword SEO QUAKE in the search bar and you can install the add-on from there or alternatively, you can visit SEO Quake Add-On download Page here and click Add to Firefox, please note you have to use your Firefox browser although the extension is also available for Google Chrome.

Do you know of a better SEO add-on or extension plugin for Mozilla Firefox, please share with us using the comment form.

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