Using MTN BlackBerry BIS On PC Without Software Or VPN


Yesterday i got the memo that MTN Blackberry BIS plan was working on PC computer without the use of any software or VPN as those were what usually powers it, i was not close to my pc to confirm till this morning when i arrived home.

Before trying it out, i had to reconfirm again and i still got the information that it was still working without bis and with an awesome speed so i tried it out myself on my pc and YES, its working and as a matter of fact am using it now to make this post and i just want to share with you to enable you enjoy surfing on PC.

Using MTN BlackBerry BIS on PC Without Software

First, you need to subscribe to MTN blackberry weekly plan or monthly plan using any of the below codes.

BBCWEEK to 21600 for weekly plan and costs N500 or BBC to 21600 for monthly plan and costs N1500

After successfully subscription, you will need to configure your modem’s profile settings using the following parameter:

Name: trueinternetworld or MTN BB

Access Point or APN:

Username and password: web or leave it empty

Dial Number: *99#

Take a look at the below screenshot for better understanding

use blackberry bis on pc without software

Can The MTN BIS PLAN Be Used On Android and Other Devices?

As at the time of posting this i have not tried using it on other devices but am pretty sure it should work since it can work on pc.

How Long Will This Last?

Sincerely friend, i wouldn’t know. Do not be surprised if you wake up the next morning to realize that this no longer works but for the mean time you can keep enjoying it.

I Already Have a VPN Software, Will it still work?

Yes if you already have a VPN software you have subscribed  to and you use alongside bis then you can continue with that or surf direct, the choice is totally yours to make.

Have you got questions, comments or contributions to using mtn bb bis on pc computer, please tell us using the comment form.

  1. Abraham David Gbenga says

    pls I nid etisalat browser what do I need to do on my pc.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Etisalat browser or you mean etisalat browsing? Etisalat currently have no free browsing except the paid browsing.

  2. Onyekachi Onyeador says

    Well rgarding the MTN BIS that is now open on pc’s here is what I think is happening. ‘MTN has aquired a new DNS routing server for blackberry traffic. I know this cos the former one was now one of the new ones is I can’t remember the other one. Anyways the server is new and still in the testing phase so there are no security measures or filters that’s why pc users are going free will. But the MTN I know is planning somthing big and when they finally lock this new server it will be hard to bypass with the proxies we have now. The time to act is now. Am studying the connection already to know their possible security measures. We can share ideas 26A11745. Thanks

  3. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    I once tried that APN ( on blackberry manager software, but I was told it does not exist. I will try it on PC and give feedback. Thanks anyway

  4. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    Whaoh! I have tried it on PC and believe me it is working absolutely free. I love it.
    Now I can think of buying bb.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Browse with caution bro. Because i think mtn bb plan now has a monthly data cap of 3GB.

  5. Ismaila A. Jonathan says

    Yeah! I know of that. 3GB is even too much for me. I don’t watch videos nor download except something meaningful like the unlocking software you gave to me.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      then enjoy bro.

  6. Rex says

    please is that #1200 13Gb per month package with mtn still available?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      for some sims yes and for some its limited to 3GB

  7. Ibrahim Usman says

    I don’t understand what that #1200 13GB per month is, can you pleaseexplain it to me?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      What 1200 and 13GB please? i didn’t state any amount on this post please go through again.

  8. Matakala Mack Mangala says

    does it work in zambia.

    1. Timothy Mangala says


  9. nnaemeka akuma says

    wait a sec guys,i hav bin surfin d internet with my android fone 4 a while nw with the mtn bis… mean its limited?cmon guys i av bin downloading heavy nd watchin online movies,i seriously doubt its limited

  10. jane ofili says

    Hi I just did all u said now on dis post but its not workin, a dialoge box cam out sayin d wrong sim was inserted. I actually used a glo modern to try it out, pls if u can help ill be really grateful

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      What’s the model of your modem? the modem needs to be unlocked before it can be used with other sims

      1. jane ofili says

        Ok,the model of d moderm is CE0682. Huawei mobile broadband// they also wrote E303 . I don’t which is d actual model. Thank u

        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          Thats the glo bolt modem, sorry that kind of modem cannot be unlocked for now

    2. Onyekachi Onyeador says

      U have to use an MTN modem. Or You have to unlock your Glo modem for it to accept your MTN sim card. That 1 is another long process so just get an MTN modem or use ur phone as the modem

      1. jane ofili says

        Ok thank u. But I don’t hav access to an mtn moderm, d glo is my only choice. Thank u so much.

        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          whats the model of your glo modem, netpro?

  11. Ayomide says

    Guys, pls I really don’t understand this thing. Apart from my laptop, blackberry phone and USB cable, do I need anything else. Please help me out here. I can’t locate on my PC where I’m supposed to enter the name, APN, username, password etc.n

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      its located on your modem, follow the steps on the post above pal and study your modem properly, just create a new profile on your modem and enter those details and you are good to go.

  12. olushola nicholas says

    Pls i av samsung galaxy tab 1,whch i browse on with a glo monthly data plan,the problem is d netwrk is so bad here dat its always difficult to browse,mtn monthly data plan is also very expensive,pls can u help me out wiv a cheap or free browsing trick?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      use the bis service on mtn, its much more cheaper than the usual plans

  13. chris says

    Pls the glo bolt modern is it un lockable now? Because my is still there doing nothing. Also is the mtn bis on pc still working? And how can I do same with glo or etisalat. Thanks

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      when there is an update to unlocking glo bolt modem i will post it on this blog sir, and yes mtn bis on pc still works as at now. etisalat bis on pc doesn’t work for now.

      1. JTMON3Y says

        Bruv, any hint on hw †Φ use the blackberry software for pc and your bb †Φ browse..

        I tried some APN for mtn, it didn’t even connect then ı tried Etisalat whc connected buh not browsing!!


        1. Adeniyi Samuel says

          Do you mean using blackberry desktop manager as modem on pc? The last time i tried, on the bb desktop manager mtn couldn’t even safe but with glo it does, hence i’d advice using a real modem.

          1. JTMON3Y says

            Hmm, #issoryt

            Nywayz, incase u av any1 using their bb software as modem and they browsing..holla me up ASAP! Tankuu 🙂

  14. Mike says

    Is this still working? I tried and it isn’t

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yes it is.

  15. pika says

    i tried this on my android phone,it worked well the first day,ever since its no longer connecting..please has the cheat been blocked? Plus pls brother if u can giv us an etisalat or airtel mb cheat that work, i’d be very greatful

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      It still works friend, i used it on my android just some minutes back and it still surfs wella.

  16. pika says

    and please bro i’d be so grateful,if u can keep me posted of new tricks 4 pc and androids..via email

  17. pika says

    i tried it on java phone….its workin its not connectin my android anymore why?

  18. samuel says

    Pls my pps help us out on how to browse on pc with all blackberry plan (glo,mtn & etibaba) with latest infomation thanks good job to you all…

  19. Andy Barry says

    Please can someone help me about this problem, my mtn discoonect whenever i connect it, It does not stay long, When i was activating it i send BBC to 21600, Please i dont know what to do now

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      That’s network issues. Try using another network sim and see if you encounter same issues

  20. Danzo says

    GUYS as at yesterday i found out dat d apn has been blocked ooo, wetin we go do now

  21. abiola says

    i want to use glo bolt modem (huawei e303) as universal modem

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Sorry buddy but there isn’t anyway to unlock glo bolt modem and make it universal as at now.

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