3 Reasons Why I Moved From Blogger/Blogspot To WordPress PlatForm


Back then in 2011 when I first ventured into blogging and created my first blog, I created my blog using the blogspot/blogger platform and the experience has been good until around September 2011 when I switched over to a custom domain because I wanted my blog to be more professional hence using a custom domain was one of the first things I could think off and put into action.

Around early 2012 I decided to take my blog to the next level by moving it over to WordPress blogging platform and here are the 3 basic reasons why I did that.

Moving From Blogger/Blogspot PlatForm To WordPress

Moving from Blogger to WordPress platform

1. Easy Customization: Yes, Believe it or not WordPress is more easy to customize than blogger in terms of professionalism.

There are loads of beautiful and elegant WordPress themes all over the internet which can make your blog more stylish and inviting and most of these themes can be easy to customize without having to speed the whole day designing a blog to taste and cracking your head trying to fix html codes in your template.

2. Monetizing The Blog: Yes, been able to monetize my blog better was also one of the reason I had to move from blogger to wordpress understanding the fact that mobile ads cannot be placed on blogger as at that time but with wordpress you can monetize the mobile version of your blog but I guess I was wrong with my decision in that term because now blogger blogs can be monetized for every mobile browser via mobstac.

3. Gain Total Control Of My Blog: It wouldn’t be nice if you just wake up one day to realize that your blog has been deleted via the blogger team basically due to the fact that you went against one of their policies by accident hence moving to a self-hosted wordpress blog was the sure bet.

On Self-hosted WordPress blogging platform, you own total control of your blog and if using a reliable web-hosting company, your blog is safe and you alone has the right to take it down yourself.

Summary: Outside the above listed reasons why I moved from blogger to wordpress, there are many more reasons while i took the decision but I must confess that there are still some things I missed while on blogger. Blogger/Blogspot and wordpress are two amazing blogging platform, your choice depends on what you want of your blog.

In my subsequent post, I will be writing on some reasons why you should start your blog on blogger and some other amazing tutorials.

Hope this helps?

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