4 Important Factors To Plan On Before Creating A Blog


Like i have often said, i have been a blogger for a while though not too long compared to Bloggers with greater blogging life span but what’s the essence of been a blogger or creating a blog if you can’t impact into others and that’s my reason for creating this blog, Yes Impacting!

Creating a blog is not as easy as you think or might have been told or imagined. According to research, thousands of blogs are been created every day by people but only few survive to make something out of their blogs while some end up been abandoned and others probably deleted. Do you know why? Its obviously due to improper planning or no plans at all.

I stongly advice that before you create a blog, you should sit down, think and probably write out your plans before going ahead to creating that blog of yours and oooooh by the way if you already have created a blog, you are not left out of this topic because your blog just might be suffering from something you couldn’t figure out.

Here Is A Guild On Some Things You Should Plan Out Before Creating A Blog

important factors to consider when creating a blog

Choose Your Focus Niche: Ok, newbie bloggers do get things mixed up on understanding what the term ‘Niche‘ basically means in blogging, ok am gonna clear the coast on this as brief and understandable as i can.

Niche in blogging basically means your blog subject, Yep guess that’s the simplest meaning i can describe it like. In addition niche is basically your blog’s subject focus, For example, topics on fruits or health is a niche(subject), Do you understand that? 🙂

Now back to the plan of creating a Blog and focusing on a niche, i strongly advice that before you create your blog, you should choose a niche that you understand very well and should be able to answer questions on if asked by your readers or anyone.

Most bloggers this days go into the habit of writing on different niches and this is obviously not idle. Its okay to write on two or three niches that collide with each other because its possible to have ideas on two or two subjects but imagine a blogger who blogs on technology today and tomorrow blogs on losing weight on same blog, c’mon that’s bad and doing that clearly tells your visitors that you really do not know what you are doing.

Choose A Custom Domain: I Understand that financing your blog could be a problem but think of the better part of it. Its understandable that great things start small and therefore you want to start with a free blog that costs you no penny. Hey, think again, i have been down that road before and i advice you get your custom domain before starting out. It doesn’t cost much, you can get your custom domain between $8 – $14 a year depending on which registrar you want to use.

Plan Your Blog Design: Believe it or not but your blog design contributes greatly to your blog success or failure. Readers often get turned off from blogs that consumes so much data space and am sure you don’t expect everyone to have access to free internet surfing as you do and that is if you do huh 🙂

Aim High: Creating a blog that focuses on a particular niche and with a good design is great, Yes but do you want to remain on just level 1 of blogging? C’mon, wake up, aim high and work towards achieving it. Think of where you want your blog to be in the next few years and what you want to achieve on or from your blog.

As time goes on, i will be elaborating on the above points on their various posts thereby pointing out more vital information you should note.

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  1. Kabenlah Cudjoe says

    Hi Sammy,
    These are some thought provoking points. A blog without an aim is a dead one.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Exactly bro. and that’s why most bloggers end up abandoning their blog(s)

  2. Kathryn Dilligard says

    And before you settle on your niche, make sure that you have a real passion on doing it. Otherwise, you’ll get burnt out after sometime.

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