Beware Of This Trick To Prevent Your Facebook Account From Been Hacked


It seems to me that hacking friends and foes facebook account is what’s currently in vogue at least if not to you, its definitely what has been showing face around me lately and I just want to help with some tips on preventing your facebook account from been hacked.

Just yesterday a fan on 2go messenger asked me how he could hack his friend’s facebook account and I categorically told him that I have no idea since I do not support such, he actually thought I knew how to but never wanted to tell him but that’s the truth, I don’t do hacking.

Just this morning I made a guest post on a friend’s blog on 5 simple tips to protect your facebook account from getting hacked and guess what? Just this evening, someone tried hacking my own facebook account.

Yep, believe it or not but its the truth. The dude thought he was smart enough to get me but when I stumbled on it, I smiled because I knew he really wasn’t that smart to me but unfortunately most people are going to fall into that trick and that’s the main reason I had to bring up this post as soon as possible to save the few I can from falling into this same trick and I hope you do the same by re-sharing this post on your social networks using the share buttons at the end of this post.

This evening, I checked into my facebook account and navigated to my inbox page as usual since I had a notification of a new message. Upon visiting the message, the dude actually used some few ‘luring’ words to make me click on a shortened link which he asked me to visit(here’s the screenshot below)

facebook account inbox message

And clicking on that link, it will take you to a page that looked more like that of the facebook login page for mobile, Yes more like a cloned one but its totally fake, look at the screenshot below

trick to hack facebook account

That page isn’t in anyway different from the usual facebook mobile login page to newbies but to most internet pros they should be able to tell that this page is a total trick to getting fb account hacked and how’s that done? Ok, when an fb user stumbles on that page, the user would think that its required of he/her to login her details to continue but immediately he/she does that, the hacker gets the information and therefore hacks into the account.

Now lemme give you a little test, look at the above facebook mobile login page properly, did you notice any difference from the usual Facebook mobile login page? Most people won’t but there’s obviously a clear difference and that’s in the URL address. Tell me, since when did facebook mobile login address turn to that?

Summary: Friends, I urged you to always check and examine properly the address of a page before entering details of your account because this is obviously the simplest way accounts are been hijacked.

So tell me, was this tip helpful in protecting your facebook account against been hacked? While not drop a comment and share on your social networks to help your friends.

  1. originality says

    Pls give me solutions about my what’s app application.i have deleted and downloaded what’s app severally after I flashed my fone.the icon appears on my screen,I tap on it,it tells me to confirm a fone nos.I input a fone nos but when loading it hangs!not once,not twice.this abnormally made me to keep deleting and downloading what’s app but to no avail.what can I do .pls I need ur solution now! Thanks!

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Hello Originality, try deleting whatsapp totally from your device by navigating to Options > Device > Application Management, delete whatsapp from there and restart your phone then re-download and that should work for you. Please try to ask further questions related on this via a whatsapp post.

  2. stan says

    Goodmorning bros, kindly tell me how to safely root my tecno q1 android phone (pls tell me d one u have tested). I have tried so many techniques from many blogs but none worked for me. Pls tell me how to do it. tanx.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Hello Stan, you are asking the wrong question on the wrong post which isn’t cool but nevertheless, please read

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