Blackberry Messenger App Missing After Upgrading To Latest Version, Here’s The Fix

Yesterday I must confess that I had a terrible experience with my blackberry messenger software, the messenger app icon automatically got missing and was no where to be found on the device after upgrading the app to the latest version via App World.

Here’s a Summary of how it happened.

It has been quiet a while since the updated version of blackberry messenger was introduced but in a bid to test how the app looked like and understanding the fact that the updated version has more smileys and gives you the liberty to make and receive voice calls, I decided to upgrade it yesterday from the App World which was renamed to BlackBerry World.

After downloading the latest version which is the version 7.0, it was required that I reset my device in other for the changes to take effect which I adhered to.

After rebooting, on normal circumstances, holding the ‘Menu‘ button will bring out the list of running apps and the BB Messenger was supposed to be among the listed apps but in this case, I could not find the messenger app. I felt probably it has been moved down to the application folder or instant messaging folder and since I do use a blackberry 9700, there was no download folder available in the device unlike 8520 devices.

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I actually checked on those folders but still could not find it, I was actually confused on what to do because that’s one of the vital features of a blackberry device and without it, a Nokia Symbian phone might just be better lol.

Here’s How I Fixed BlackBerry Messenger App Missing After Upgrading

First, I went to the App Manager where my installed apps are located and still found the previous version of the BB messenger app there but I cannot launch it from there so I had to delete it and re-downloaded the latest version of BBM.

Here’s a breakdown of How I DID it

fix Blackberry Messenger icon app missing after upgrading

From the Menu, go to Options » Device » Application Management » Blackberry Messenger and deleted it.

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After that, Using the default web browser, I visited and choose to download the app.

After download, a device reset was required and I did that and after that, I was able to find the BBM app again.

At initial stage, its required that you follow the on screen instruction in other to restore your blackberry contacts and groups and this should take some few minutes depending on your network speed, more so, I would strongly advice that before commencing on upgrading, you should make a backUP of your contacts just incase of any errors or missing contact.

That’s it, what that simple instructions I was able to fix my blackberry messenger app which suddenly got missing after upgrading to the latest version of BBM and I hope this works for you too.

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