BlackBerry Playbook : Experience And Review Using The BB Tablet Device


Its been actually over two months now since I have been using my Blackberry playbook tablet device which I purchased from affordable phones ng in ikeja and like I had promised, on this post I just want to give my comprehensive review and experience based on the BlackBerry PlayBook Device.

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the delay in this review as most readers have been asking me about how the device really works and if its a cool device. All these and more am going to cover on this review so stick back, relax and lets have a long ride.

Experience On Using The BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Device

For those who do not really have a clue to what the device is, the BB playbook device is actually a tablet device made by RIM(producers of blackberry device). Most people tend to downgrade the device by its name ‘PlayBook’, please do not get it wrong, the fact that its called a BB playbook does not mean its just a playbook device, it actually does way more than play features.

The BlackBerry PlayBook device for me has been one of the best gadgets I have used based on what I actually want it for although I actually have not tried using an android tablet before(tho am hoping to get that someday).

Blacberry Playbook tablet

With the BlackBerry Playbook Tablet Device I am able to do a couple of things like Browsing the Internet, Play Videos(High Quality Videos), Play Music Files, Games And lots more. It might also interest you to know that I also blog using the device, yes with the tablet device I am able to update, edit, view and do more things related to blogging.

Although I am quite impressed with the device, there are still some key features the device lacks like been able to send files from the device to other devices via bluetooth connection, hence I am only left with the option of using my laptop computer in achieving this. However, am not allowed to use the app world without a WiFi Connection which sucks as we do not have easy or free wifi connection majorly of places in my country.

Review On BlackBerry PlayBook Device

On its review, I am going to be stating some features and emphasizing more on them one by one, this should help in determining whether or not its cool for you.

Power On/Off

The BlackBerry PB device has got a small button power on/off which is located at the top of the device alongside the volume button. The button is sort of small hence it could be pain for some users to really be able to get around that. The device just like RIM’s Blackberry smart phones, takes time in fully booting, the difference is that the PB device does not display a loading bar therefore you have no clue of how long its gonna take to fully boot but mine usually takes around 2mins but I’d believe this depends on the files stored on the PB device.

power on/off on blackberry playbook

The BlackBerry Device also has an easy Restart, StandBy, Lock Or turn Off option/buttons on the screen which can be accessed by just touching the battery icon on the screen, this should save you some time and on a safer part instead of using the Power Button on top on d device directly.

Media Files(Videos and Music)

playing media files on blackberry playbook

Of course the PB device plays Music Files(MP3) and video files but been an high-end device, you can only enjoy the videos on the BB blaybook if the Videos are High Quality Videos which are in MP4 format. With my PB am able to download and watch high quality movies with good quality but with a small screen because of the PB length.

Playing Games

playing games on blackberry playbook tablet

Yes, you can also play games with the Blackberry playbook device and am pretty sure you are wondering how that’s possible since the device does not have a physical keypad, well the games always comes with keypads integrated in the screen hence you just use the keypads integrated on the screen in playing the games and Yes its fun but definitely not like having a physical keypad(well, that’s based on me o)


The BlackBerry Playbook Device has got two cameras, one at the front and one at the back so you can be sure that if you don’t really need the services of friends all the time to take pictures of you as you can just simply use the front cameras and yes, the camera quality are pretty good and natural but the device hasn’t got a flash light hence taking pics at night is a total waste of time.

Read Ebooks / Stream Videos Online

Streaming live videos online using the device is also fun and yes you can also read Ebooks on PDF formats on the device as it comes with an inbuilt adobe reader. You can also easily zoom the screen to get a better appearance for words, pictures and more.

Internet Browsing On The BlackBerry Playbook

The Blackberry playbook has not got a slot for SIM card and with this, I guess you feel the only way in been able to surf the net with the device is via WiFi right? Well not really, you can also surf the internet on the use of your BlackBerry phone using an app called ‘BlackBerry Bridge’, when connected via Blackberry bridge, you can surf the internet on your Blackberry playbook using the internet connectivity on your BB smart phone(that’s actually what I use most times).

Battery Power

Okay on this area, am going to give the RIM company a thumbs up, the battery on the device is pretty cool. It stays over 5-6 hours watching movies with the highest volume.

Please Note: Battery Live depends basically on what you use your tablet device for. If you use earpiece most times when watching movies or listening to music then you can be sure that the PB device battery will last longer.

Disadvantages In the PlayBook Tablet Device

Although the tablet device is working cool for me there are still some disadvantages I think RIM needs to work on.

1. Power On Switch: The power switch button is very small hence you needed to use your fingers in pressing it, a little adjustment to that wouldn’t cost any pain I guess.

2. Lack Of SIM slot: The BlackBerry PlayBook Device has not got a sim slot hence you cannot use SIM card on it. However, I understand that a new version that supports SIM card usage has been produced but as at when posting this, they are not yet available here in my country.

3. Transfer Via Bluetooth: As at now, there isn’t a profound way on how to send and receive files on the PB tablet device using bluetooth, the current bluetooth feature on the device now is aimed basically for internet tethering(connect to internet on PB tablet device using your Smart Phone network) although I hope RIM fixes this in their next OS update.

4. Download OS(Operating Software) For First Time usage: I didn’t include this in the review but anyway here you have it. When you purchase a brand new BB playbook tablet, upon start up the PB is useless to you until you download the OS(operating system) which is around 400MB and this can only be done using Wifi Network.

There you have it, these are my experience and review on the blackberry playbook, please note that I didn’t include all the features here hence you can use the comment form below in asking your questions about the Blackberry Playbook Tablet device which I missed out in the review and I will definitely give you a response.

  1. donatus says

    Samuel, This is a detailed review, Will get my own soon. cant wait to get my hands on this device

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      best of lucks bro. i’d recommend getting a better memory space like that of 32GB or 64GB.

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