How To Block/Stop Spam Trackbacks On WordPress Blog Posts


If you have been using WordPress Blogging platform for quite a while then the Term ‘trackbacks‘ should not be new to you and I am pretty sure that you might have received a couple of spam trackbacks on your blog posts which really can be very frustrating, Yes i have been there.

Tho I have been getting some few spam trackbacks on my wordpress blog posts, it wasn’t really a pain in the butt as deleting them doesn’t take much time but recently after after moving to a new host, I suddenly witnessed a great increase in number of trackbacks on my blog which was starting to really piss me off.

Imagine getting like 60 – 70 spam trackbacks on my blog on a daily basic and sometimes the figures are more than that, deleting them takes extra time especially when there are real comments too included in the comment page.

What Are Spam TrackBacks On WordPress Blog

Usually, Trackbacks act as a way bloggers can communicate using websites. For example, I write a post on my blog and and you would like to comment on the blog but you also want your blog readers to see what your comment was and also be able to comment on it, you will need to write a blog post and send a trackback to my blog, the trackback will then show up on my blog’s comment page from which I can choose to approve it, spam it or trash it.

But What Spam Trackbacks?

Spam Trackbacks can simply be discribed as fake or irrelevant trackbacks. Looking at this kind of trackbacks, yes they have longs in the website url but viewing the link you won’t find a single spot where your blog was mentioned or linked to. Some trackbacks even have their website links in the excerpt, these kinds are described as Spam Trackbacks and just to add, they won’t do any good to your blog.

How To Block Or Stop Spam TrackBacks

There are 3 major ways you can accomplish this:

1. By disabling it on existing posts and new post: This method can be time demanding especially if you already have lots of published posts on your blog, you will need to disable track backs one after the other and you will need to navigate to settings » Discussion » Untick ‘Allow link notification from other blogs(pingbacks and trackbacks) in other to disable it from happening on new posts.

stop spam trackbacks on wordpress via settings

2. Disable it Via Control Panel: You would need to Log in to your Hosting cpanel and navigate to phpMyadmin, Open the database of your blog and then run this query on the SQL tab :

UPDATE wp_posts SET ping_status=”closed”;

3. Using Plugin: Personally for me, this was my simple solution, I currently have over 430 posts on my blog hence I cannot run the stress of having to disable trackbacks on each of the posts neither do I want to add or change anything on my web-hosting account control panel hence the least I could do was using Simple Trackback Validation and it has been working very well for me.

Log into your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins » Add New » Search for Simple Trackback Validation » Install and Activate.

You will need to go to its dashboard to fully activate the plugin functionality by navigating to settings » Simple TB Validation » select Discard Trackback and click Update Options. You can also choose to look at other options and make the plugin work basically to your own description.

So, there you have it. With the above steps you should stop or block spam trackbacks and only receive real comments on your WordPress blog posts.

  1. Sohail says

    Yeh I like the idea to prevent spammer away from our blog

  2. Yazmin says

    Thanks for this! I recently disabled Akismet due to it blocking comments from legitimate bloggers and have been using a combination of CommentLuv and an “are you a real person” plugin (like you seem to be doing) to get people to check a box when making a comment. It was working great until I was discovered by trackback spammers. I woke up this morning to 100+ spam trackbacks on one of my blogs. Gonna nip this in the bud now.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yes, i experienced the same and i was able to fix it using the plugin. Am sure it should work for you too if properly configured.

  3. Waqass says

    The tracks backs have plunged my website….gona use Trackback Validation on your recommendation lets see it is effective or not.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Its effective, i have not received any spam trackbacks after installing that.

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