How To Contact Google Adsense Support Team Directly By Email


Good news to Google Adsense Publishers, are you aware that you can now contact the Google Adsense support team directly by Email and get a response personally? Well yes you can and it works but there are some certain criteria.

To be candid, am quite impressed with the new development to introducing direct support to Adsense publishers as it seemed before now that the only support publishers used to have was the Adsense Forum, Adsense support Blog etc but all these had no direct route in getting in touch with Adsense Support team for personal account issues not stated in the other support means.

As at now, Adsense still have not provided a means of reaching the team via Phone tho am waiting for that to be introduced also but for now, contacting the support team by email is also one good option to adhere to.

How Do I Contact Google Adsense Support Team?

Unfortunately, this medium is not available to all publishers, Yes! According to Google Adsense on its blog, it was stated that contacting Google Adsense Support Team via Email is only available to publishers who earns $25+ on weekly basics.

What this entails is, if you are an Adsense publisher who earns $25 or more than $25 USD weekly on your Google Adsense account then you are eligible to use the Email support service but if you earn below the required amount, then you can stick with the Google Adsense Forum, Adsense blog and a host of other support mediums as they provide lots of useful information for newbies.

contact google-adsense support team

To the best of my understanding, I ‘think’ the reason for this is to enable newbies in Adsense network to get familiarized with how the system works and when they begin earnings that much, then they can contact the support team directly.

You can choose to contact the team directly by visiting Google Adsense support page and choose the Contact Us Option which is located at the top-right side of the page tho its highly recommended that you search the support page for questions and answers that are related to your intending issue so that you do not end up asking questions that have already been answered in the support page.

Summary: This is obviously a great improvement in the Adsense scheme as right now, it doesn’t seem like you are just left to yourself with no support from the business runners, now you actually have a support right by your side to guild you through any issues you might encounter and BTW, they respond within 48 Hours.

Hope this post was able to aid you on how to contact Google Adsense Support Team Directly Via Email.

  1. joseph says

    hi sir am joseph…. is my blog…i have a google adsence..i used the i changed own domain name to change my sub domain. i request to google adsence team to request form . they are replied to to me on mail “copyright material”….but am not save the copyright material on my blog….just am wrote articleon the software lastly to intimate “Official download:(www.official website)”. how to they are consider copy right material in my blog….please sir help me…

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Did you actually move from blogger to wordpress? If yes, did you add no follow tag to ur blogger blog so that it wont be indexed anymore? If not, maybe thats where the problem is coming free as same content appears on both sites, add nofollow to your blogger robot text so that search engines do not crawl the site again.

  2. farrukh says

    hi sir my name is farrukh, my adsense account was disabled last month due to policy reason, me and my brother family live in two story house and we use the same net connection, but i was totally unaware that my brother also applied for adsense account on same address and as a result my accout was disabled, and i have no mistake, please help me…i am faithful follower of google adsense

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Hello Farrukh, am so sorry about that. Perhaps the only option would be to contact the team and make them understand. You can send a message to the support team.

  3. Belajar Binis says

    You mean $25k or just $25? Thanks

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Just $25 buddy.

  4. cara membuat facebook says

    now, adsense publisher got difficult to get their account back after get banned

  5. aditya bisht says

    Hey Sir I want ask you that march 2015 I competed my 120$ but Google not send my payment so may I know when I get my income.?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      You are supposed to get that by april ending. Just be sure that there are no holds on your account and you have fixed up a valid payment settings.

  6. Dallas Monroe Harrison says

    not at all helpful

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