Fix Firefox Error “This Connection Is Untrusted” On WebSite Pages


Am pretty sure if you are a frequent user of firefox browser like I am then at one point in time, you might have probably come across an error that’s reads “This Connection Is Untrusted” and it feels like you are stock. This error is common with secure sites like Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook and other secure websites that uses SSL certificates also known as https.

The full message you might probably see is ‘This Connection Is Untrusted, You have asked Firefox to connect Securely to an example), Normally when you connect securely, sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are going to the right place. However, this sites identity can’t be trusted.

Connection Is Untrusted Error On Firefox, What it Means?

I’d believe that from the above sentences, it was clearly stated by Firefox what the connection is untrusted Error means but to add more to this, i would add that Some sites require your connection to be encrypted and secure so as to protect your data. Websites that require SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption or HTTPS connection like gmail, facebook etc always send some sort of certificate to your web browser which it checks whether it’s valid or not. When the secure connection certificate is invalid, your browser may be unable to connect with the website hence displaying those errors.

fix connection is untrusted error on firefox

How To Fix This?,

Simply click on ‘I Understand The Risks‘ which is below the What Should I Do Instructions and wait for the site SSL to be verified, then click on Add security exception and you are good to go.

In most cases, the ‘I understand the Risk’ button is faded hence its impossible to click on it, in this case simply check your system’s date and time to verify that its correct and up to date then reload the page.

That’s it, you should be able to fix the ‘Connection Is Untrusted’ error on your firefox browser anytime with the above steps

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