GiveAway #2 : Get Online Mini Importation Business In Nigeria Ebook Manual


Following my first giveaway, I stated that that was not going to be the last and here is my second giveaway on this blog and here am going to be giving out the online mini importation business in Nigeria Ebook Manual to 10 people at no cost at all.

On the first giveaway, I stepped out of the initial arrangement of 10 persons but I did that basically due to the fact that over 10 persons needed but on this now, I probably will stick to the deal.

Online Mini Importation Business In Nigeria Ebook

Am pretty sure you have heard or read online about starting an importation business in Nigeria and am pretty sure that you might have heard that it is a very lucrative business in Nigeria hence many information marketers on the internet tend to charge some bills before sending the Ebook to interested persons but here on this post I will be giving the Ebook to just 10 interested persons for absolutely free of charge as long as you follow the requirements squarely.

How Online Mini Importation Business Works

online mini importation business In Nigeria ebook

Personally, I do not do the business hence I cannot categorically provide advice on the subject matter but based on my own understanding of the business, the mini importation business in Nigeria involves buying goods from online companies in foreign countries and importing them to the country and selling at a higher price. For example, you purchase a laptop for N25K via on online store and sell here in Nigeria for N40K, that’s N15K profit from just one sale, what if you purchased on wholesale price? Think about it, importation business is obviously a lucrative money making business in Nigeria for those that are determined to making it in the business.

How To Get The EBook

It has always been in my mind to share this ebook earlier but I have always waited for my birthday to come first.

Yesterday was actually my birthday and I appreciate every persons who called and sent messages on facebook, twitter and even via comments to wish me a happy birthday and like I promised, here is the 2nd Giveaway I promised but its not for everyone rather for just 10 persons.


1. Like my Facebook page via

2. Send me your email address via message to my FB Page

3. Share this post using the share buttons to your facebook profile, twitter profile and other social networks if you belong to any.

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And after following the above steps

5. Post a Comment here with the word ‘Done‘, please do not include your email address in your comment here otherwise it will be discarded, instead follow the number 2 instruction for me to get your email address and after confirmation of all successful steps

Looking at the above procedures to getting this ebook, you would realize that the above steps are same with the steps in my first giveaway hence those who participated on the first giveaway are not eligible for this(Oooophs! I don’t want to be partial), hence those who participated in the first can also get the second, all that’s needed on their part is to share this post on facebook, twitter and other social networks at two different intervals(maybe once in the morning and evening).

Please Note: Follow all steps squarely otherwise you won’t be able to get this mini importation business in Nigeria Ebook Manual and also note that it is only for 10 persons.

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