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GiveAway 1 – Get Trick To Exceed MTN BlackBerry BIS Data Allocated Limit And Surf Unlimited

This is obviously going to be my first giveaway on this blog since inception in 2011 and this is definitely not going to be the last and here am offering the trick to exceed MTN Blackberry BIS data cap limit hence giving you the chance to surf and download unlimited for the period of one week or one month demanding on your ongoing subscription.

You might be wondering why I choose giving the trick as my first giveaway, Oh yes, I know it doesn’t feel like it’s worth it but for some people, they’d valve this more than offering softwares as giveaway or would you rather need a software or the ability to browse and download unlimited for a whole week or month without having to use any software?

Personally I’d choose surfing hence I’d believe many more people will and I sincerely apologize if this doesn’t suit your need now.

Following my post where I had discussed on mtn and glo new blackberry plan data caps, I stated categorically that sources have it that MTN weekly BB bis plan now offers just 200MB while the monthly plan offers just 3GB and this can be used on PC, Android, Ipad and other devices and I also stated that I have been using Mine for unlimited browsing till date Yeah, I still have an active BIS subscription since early march and am still using it on my PC till now even through lately I have been downloading loads of movies on my BB Playbook tablet. Well, its actually a trick I used and its still working till date.

extend mtn blackberry bis data allocation
Quite alright, I have given the trick to some few persons who have called me via my cell phone to inquire about my paid unlimited subscription package but instead of charging them, I actually gave them the trick free of charge without asking a penny other than them giving me feedback on how it went and this was basically due to the fact that i needed more hands to try out if the trick still works and Yes, I have been getting positive feedback.

How To Get The Unlimited MTN BlackBerry BIS Trick Giveaway

Quite alright, I would have loved sharing the trick here for everyone to enjoy but it wouldn’t be nice as MTN officials could get it blocked hence am giving the trick to a limited number of 10 persons.

In other to get it, you just need to follow the below processes.

1. Like my facebook page via

2. Send me your email address via message to my FB Page

3. Share this post using the share buttons to your facebook profile, twitter profile and other social networks if you belong to any.

4. Follow me on twitter via

And after following the above steps

5. Post a Comment here with the word ‘Done‘, please do not include your email address in your comment here otherwise it will be discarded, instead follow the number 2 instruction for me to get your email address and after confirmation of all successful steps, I will send you an email regarding the trick.

Please note: You need to have an ongoing MTN Blackberry Subscription(whether still connecting or no-longer connecting) and this trick is only for the first 10 persons.

What Happens After The 10 persons Are Complete?

Is this case, I either choose to give you the trick for free or you pay a penny, don’t be scared, its just going to be via Recharge Card :).

So, let the contest begin!

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64 thoughts on “GiveAway 1 – Get Trick To Exceed MTN BlackBerry BIS Data Allocated Limit And Surf Unlimited

  1. Hi bro,

    Saw your post as regards the MTN BIS unlimited trick, I don’t even have a Facebook nor twitter account to be among the first ten people to share the info with free. but kindly help me bro, I need this info .

    Send the info to me then I can tips by sending recharge card to u, love ur posts and I give u an exceptional kudos for your enlightenments. Awaiting your soonest response.


  2. Nice giveaway.. This is going to help Naija Guys. Though I have d trick already.. Just praying it Lasts just like the former one that was blocked..
    I must commend on ur effort @samuel.. U rock

  3. Done!
    I’m not on twitter,but iv liked u on fb n shared d page,pls help me,d bis I subscribd 2 days ago has only 10mb left

    1. Literally am not supposed to give this to you because you didn’t fulfill all processes but for showing interest and to cap the 10th person, am going to send it to you via your Facebook account, hope you sent me your email on facebook?

  4. This my first time of visiting your site.
    Please , I really need the unlimited browsing for mtn bb
    I have subscribed for your email posting but my face book is finding it difficult to load on PC. I can’t really figure out the problem.
    Pleas, Please, Please Bros I need Your Help
    Thanks and God Bless You.

    1. Oooophs! So sorry Lewis, if you have been following the comments on this post then you might have realized that Jenny was the 10th person, am sorry that you were actually late.

  5. Hmm, if you look through very well, u will notice dat pple dont follow your procedure as you speculated coz they suppose to just put “done” instead of message so my oga at d top, send me my own coz aving follow ur procedures.thnx

      1. Hi firend, thanks for replying me but I can’t send you msg on ur fanpage coz fbk has blocked me from sending msg so pls av comment on one of ur post on the page wt my mail address. However, my mail is also submitted here when filling the form for comment here so kindly check ur database here too. Name on fbk is Ademola Rasaq Adeleke Kiddo. Thanks

  6. this is my 1st time here,i knw am not the 10th person,(jenny was),i love the fact that u take time out to reply to posts here,kip it up.

  7. I tried the trick today but i got dissapointed coz it didnt work. My bis is still active but mtn says i’ve reached my fair usage and all that.What do you think?

    1. Like i told you when giving you the trick, only try it when your subscription seems not to be going through any more. Perhaps, i thinks its been very long since i gave you the trick.

  8. DONE… Plz I really need the trick. I’m a graphics designer and I need constant access to the internet to help with inspiration 4 my jobs. Hopefully u understand. Thanks and God Bless You!

  9. Okey I’m pretty late but I jus saw this post after battling to surf when my subscription is still on & yet my credit is being charged.
    Can u pls send me zΜ²Μ£Μ₯ trick? ‘Done’

  10. done….bro pls am 1 of ur ardent fan,,bros for the sake of that consider me na plsssssssss…….my guru. thanx

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